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Investment Articles

When it comes to investing, there is a lot of information and news out there. It can be difficult to know where to start or what to believe. However, by reading investment articles and news, you can get a better understanding of the market and make more informed decisions about your investments.


Close-up of rough gold nuggets with a shiny and textured surface.

Apr 12 2024

Which Type of Gold Is Most Valuable?

Gold is one of the most precious metals in the world, and the type of gold used can greatly affect its value. When it comes to purity of gold, karat ...
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Businessman interacting with a graphic representing exchange traded funds (etf) with an upward trend arrow against a cityscape backdrop.

Apr 11 2024

Should you Invest in Silver ETFs?

Silver exchange-traded funds (ETFs) provide investors with a convenient way to add silver investments to their portfolio without physically holding the metal. These ETFs aim to track the price of ...
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Gold nuggets and flakes on a panning dish.

Apr 9 2024

Should you Invest in Gold Mining Stocks?

Many ways to invest in gold include holding physical gold, investing in gold stocks, or purchasing a gold shares ETF. Investors often believe that gold is a good hedge against ...
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Collection of shiny commemorative coins featuring different embossed designs.

Mar 27 2024

What Is the Origin and History of Silver?

While you might admire the glimmer of silver in jewelry or the weight of a silver coin in your hand, have you ever paused to consider the journey it's made ...
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A pile of coins with an illuminated, flame-like glow emanating from the center.

Mar 26 2024

What Is the Origin and History of Gold?

You've seen gold in various forms, from the jewelry you wear to the coins you've collected. But do you know the origin and history of gold? This journey will take ...
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A golden-hued city skyline against a supermoon backdrop.

Mar 22 2024

What Is the Future of Precious Metals?

In an era where digital currencies seem to be all the rage, you might be intrigued about the future relevance of gold, silver, platinum, and their metallic peers. Let's ponder ...
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Two professionals shaking hands over a business meeting, with documents and a digital tablet on the table.

Mar 21 2024

How Do I Choose a Gold IRA Custodian?

Picking the perfect partner to protect your precious metals portfolio is pivotal. You're likely wondering how to select a gold IRA custodian that aligns with your investment goals and comfort ...
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Gold bar on a financial newspaper section labeled "commodities.

Mar 20 2024

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing in Commodities?

You're probably considering if commodities should be part of your investment portfolio. Sure, they offer attractive benefits such as acting as a hedge against inflation and diversifying risk. But it's ...
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A person interacting with a digital interface displaying a holographic globe with network connections.

Mar 13 2024

How Do Global Trade Tensions Affect My Retirement

You might not realize it, but the ups and downs of global trade tensions can directly impact your retirement plan. As national economies intertwine and clash, your pension or 401(k) ...
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A stack of coins with an american flag in the background.

Feb 29 2024

How to Protect Your 401k From a Stock Market Crash

When you're nearing retirement, it's important to find ways to protect your 401k from a stock market crash. One way to protect your retirement account during a bear market is ...
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An egg with the word ira written on it.

Feb 27 2024

Should I Rollover My 401k Into a Gold IRA?

Rolling your 401k into a gold IRA is a decision that requires careful consideration. While a traditional 401k is a safe and common retirement plan, a gold IRA brings some ...
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