Buying 24kt 999.9 Gold , Storing It And Having It Delivered – Tutorial

The gold price is rising every day. Now suddenly the public are interested in gold again. We have been telling people to buy it for the past few years but it seems only when there is a jump that the masses move.

There still is a long way to go before gold reaches its true potential price which I believe is $5000+ per ounce. The problem remains that most people have no clue how to buy physical gold, how to store it or how to get it delivered.

In the following video I take you through the whole process of buying gold from as little as €5 , show you how to store it and what it looks like if you choose to have it delivered. In this example I buy some cashgold notes, cashgold cards and business cards.



Now you can see how easy it is to buy, store and have delivered 24kt, 999.9 gold from Karatbars International.

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