All News Announced from CEO Harald Seiz at the Golden Independence Day

Its good to be back after my summer holidays. Here is the latest news from Karatbars International

CEM = CashGold Exchange Machine (former called ATM)
BUNV = Bonus Univals 

Possibility of exchanging your 100 KBC in 1 gram of CashGold.

We are happy to announce that all the attendees at the Las Vegas event who were registered were able to exchange their 100 KBC against 1 gram of CashGold. We proved the community that we keep our promise and the people at the event have been more than excited.

Now it´s time to give you all the necessary information on your exchange options for your KBC.

First, we have to take care of the entire community and ensure that just those people who earned their CashGold honestly receive it. We have to assure that all those scammers who robbed coins from members of our community will not have the possibility to get gold out of this stolen coins. This is very important to secure our whole Karatbars community!

Based on this you have to transfer the number of KBC you want to exchange to our Karatbit platform and apply for the exchange. Here you have to go through an extended KYC process, to ensure that you are a real person and have the right to go into the exchange process. After you passed this process you can exchange any amount of KBC you want for BUNV.

With this BUNV you are able to either exchange them at one of our CashGold Exchange Machines (CEM) for physical CashGold or store them in our attractive Gold-Vault under the actual given conditions. Be aware that those conditions are available until the 1st of October 2019. Please follow the exchange process before this date to secure those conditions!

In general, you have to be aware that if you once exchanged your KBC into BUNV you will not have the option to exchange them back into KBC through Karatbit. This means you have to think carefully about the number of KBC you exchange.


CEM (former announced as ATM) 

Until the implementation of the KaratNet we will have installed about 1000 CEMs into the Global Market. The numbers will rise constantly to ensure that within the next month everybody has the possibility to have access to one of our CEM and be able to exchange their BUNV for physical CashGold.

You will find detailed Terms and Conditions about the CEM and the withdrawal options within the next week in your back office.

Welcome to our new opportunity to exchange your KBC for gold at the ratio of 100 to 1 gram and store it in our new Gold-Vault on

You exchange 100 KBC for 10 Univals on Karatbit and store it in the Gold-Vault. If you store it for one year you receive the following Bonus Univals (BUNV) paid out at the end of 365 days.

Those BUNV will then be available for delivery in CashGold for you, as far as the delivery to your country is possible (see open country list) or available for personal pick up in Stuttgart, Germany or at the furthermore communicated places and the given procedure (see Terms & Conditions of the Gold-Vault).

Vault Plan               Save                  in gram               Receive               in gram 

One Star                   100 Univals             10.0 g              4 Univals                  0.4 g
Two Star                1.000 Univals           100.0 g             60 Univals                 6.0 g
Three Star           10.000 Univals         1000.0 g            800 Univals              80.0 g
Four Star           100.000 Univals       10000.0 g       10.000 Univals          1000.0 g
Five Star         1.000.000 Univals     100000.0 g     150.000 Univals        15000.0 g

Be aware that you will receive the bonus once 365 days (one year) are over, if you withdraw your funds before you will receive no bonus and be charged an early withdrawal fee as follows:

One Star                    6 Univals
Two Star                    60 Univals
Three Star                 600 Univals
Four Star                   6000 Univals
Five Star                   60000 Univals

If you place your KBC before the new conditions are announced and store them longer than one year you will enjoy the first given conditions further on as long as you stay in the Gold-Vault. We will launch the Terms & Conditions for the Gold-Vault shortly in our back office.

You are invited to use this wonderful, extraordinary opportunity to increase your gold assets.

Creating our own financial system

With the implementation of our new KaratNet in September 2019 we offer you our own financial system where you can act completely in gold over the following platforms:


Impulse K1 Phone

delivery in September 2019. Voice over Blockchain services, only payable in KBC



delivery in August 2019. Exchange your KBC for physical CashGold, payments of each kind in crypto and KBC



Trade your KBC on the markets, exchange your KBC for Univals and store them in the Gold-Vault

(see Terms &Conditions)


To find out more and for more information please register free  HERE


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