How To Buy KBC Coins

I have been getting a lot of people asking me how they can buy KBC coins. The answer is that there are many ways because KBC is now on many different exchanges such as Digifinex, Bitforex, Hitbtc, Yobit and Coinsuper as well as Karatbars own exchange Karatbit.

To register at Karatbit click HERE Then use your login details to login at

Karatbit is still a work in progress and many features have yet to be added. What is easy enough is getting some Bitcoin or Ethereum, sending it to Karatbit and buying your KBC.

Many people don’t know how to buy Bitcoin so lets look at some of the options.

How To Buy KBC Coins

Rather than going through every possibility I will cover a few of the ways I use and find easy. The first thing to do is to by some Bitcoin or Ethereum and simply transfer it to Karatbit exchange and buy your KBC there.

Many people do not know how to buy Bitcoin but some companies are making it very easy by supplying cards and apps which you can simply upload money to from your debit/credit card or bank account and then turn it into Bitcoin or Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies.

The great thing about the ones I use is that it only takes a few seconds to register and get your account up and running.

The first one I use is called Wirex and you can apply for the card HERE

From the Wirex website –  “We give you the power to use your money, your way, on one borderless payment platform. Buy, store, exchange and spend your digital or traditional currencies, anytime, anywhere”.


The second card I use is called Revolut and you can apply for that one HERE

From the Revolut website –  “Banks will charge you when you spend or transfer money abroad. We’re not about that, and that’s why over four million people have switched to Revolut”.


How To Buy KBC Coins On An Exchange

If you happen to be in a country that does not support the cards above then the only way may be to register on an exchange, load money to it from your account and then buy your KBC that way.

I have registered on all of the exchanges that sell KBC but the one that I have found easiest to use is Bitforex. It can also be sued by people in 186 countries which makes it accessible to almost everyone.

Bitforex is also in the top six exchanges by trading volume which is always a good sign.

The registration process for Bitforex is quite easy and you can register HERE


How To Buy KBC Coins On An Exchange

It is entirely up to each individual which exchange they choose. I simply went to each open exchange and opened accounts on each one to see how they worked and what the options are.

I just found Bitforex the easiest to get started with.

As time moves on and more improvements are made to the Karatbit platform there will be no need to use these card and other exchanges but I do know that many people want to buy KBC as we are getting closer to the 4th of July and Haralds 100 KBc for 1g of gold guarantee.

As I write this KBc is still under €0.10 cents per coin and 1 gram of gold is approximately €40.

If you would like to get up to date with everything relating to KBc and Karatbars please have a look at this presentation below.

If you have not registered for an account yet please click HERE 

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