Masternode And Full Node Review


Welcome to this review of the Karagold, Gold Standard Bank Masternode and Full Node offer which is now available. To register for more information and to see the pdfs described in this review please click HERE

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The Karatgold Ecosystem has been building since January 2018 and over one hundred million euros has been raised by the project. Toward the end of 2019 The Mainnet will be released which is the projects own blockchain. The Ecosystem will include Karatbars gold, Karatpay, karatmerchant, the blockchain smartphone and much more.


In this first video I will cover the general details of the Masternode and Full Node Offer.


As you can see from the video the Masternode is offering 15% per year in KCB for everyone who holds a seat and The Full Node is offering 25% per seat. The important thing to remember is that the availability is limited to 1000 Masternodes and 100 Full Nodes.

The best way to achieve the required number of KCB is to buy Profit Packages which are currently available. Already in the past few weeks I have helped several people buy 150K+ in Profit Packages which has enabled them to reach the Full Node qualification. Many more people have been buying the smaller packages to reach the target for the Masternode.

The chart below shows the decreasing values of the bonuses which are available.



Masternode And Full Node Review


Over the past number of days I have had several enquiries about the €500K and €1 Million Euro Profit Packages and one client bought his 500k package today. In response to this I decided to make a short video which explains the huge value that these packages offer to the purchaser.


Taking the One million euro package as an example

To break the package down in figures, in the one million euro package the buyer receives:

  • 8700g of cashgold – €382,800*
  • 120% Bonus – €1.2 Million Euros extra KCB** €2.2 Million Total
  • 15,714,285 KCB – Enough for 15 Masternodes (15% per year) or 5 Full Nodes (25% per year)
  • 5 Full Nodes is 3,750,000 KCB per year at min €0.14 per KCB***
  • 1000G annual profit – €38,280*

*At todays cashgold price

**Until 15th March

***KCB going on to Mainnet at €0.14


Below you can see a description of what is available in the various Profit Packages.


Profit Package


Profit Package


Profit Package



Masternode And Full Node Review


Just to cover the terms again.


1.000.000 KCB needed to be deposited in order to have your Masternode generating passive income of 15% per year, paid weekly. Only 1000 Masternode seats will be available.

▪ 3.000.000 KCB needed to be deposited in order to have your Fullnode generating passive income of 25% per year, paid weekly. Only 100 Fullnodes seats will be available.

▪ Masternode / Fullnode seats will be limited ( 1000 and 100 ). Once all seats are taken, newly vacated seats will be available on the platform based on the ‘ first come, first served’ basis.

▪ Masternodes bonus promotion ends on: 30th of April 2019 00:00 CET (according to page 6)

▪ Masternodes will start generating incomes with the Mainnet release, day 1.

▪ Masternodes registration interface will be available starting 1st of April, 00:00 CET – announced officially intime by corporate.


  • A person can register Masternodes / Full Nodes indefinitely if the minimum amount of KCB for each Masternode / Full Node is deposited to maintain operation, i.e. to keep it running.

▪ The creator / holder of Masternode and Full Node may withdraw the deposited KCB coins at any time, resulting in the loss of the Masternode / Fullnode seat.

▪ As long as the minimum Masternode / Fullnode deposit remains untouched, the creator / holder of Masternode and Fullnode can withdraw the earned coins / profits anytime without affecting the Masternode / Fullnode seat.


As you can see this is an excellent opportunity to acquire a Masternode or Full Node seat with a Gold Backed cryptocurrency and not one backed by faith!


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