Karatbars Masternode Opportunity 2019

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In the following video I explain what a Masternode is and how you can acquire one to earn a truly weekly passive income in the years ahead.

If you wish to get your profit package you can register HERE

Whats in a Profit Package?

You can find out all this information in the Karatgold website but here is a short overview I made on those too.

So to explain what you need to take part in a few sentences…

If you store 1.000.000 KCB Coins you can register for a Masternode
Maximum 1000 Masternodes are available*
Earn 15% per year out of of your Masternode seat in KCB Coins as Direct Commission*

If you store 3.000.000 KCB Coins you can register for a Full Node
Maximum 100 Fullnodes are available*
Earn 25% per year out of your Full Node seat in KCB Coins as Direct Commission*

karatbars karatgold Masternode

1.000.000 KCB needed to be deposited in order to have your Masternode generating passive income of 15% per year, paid weekly. Only 1000 Masternode seats will be available.
▪ 3.000.000 KCB needed to be deposited in order to have your Fullnode generating passive income of 25% per year, paid weekly. Only 100 Fullnodes seats will be available.
▪ Masternode / Fullnode seats will be limited ( 1000 and 100 ). Once all seats are taken, newly vacated seats will be available on the platform based on the ‘ first come, first served basis.
▪ Masternodes bonus promotion ends on: 30th of April 2019 00:00 CET
▪ Masternodes will start generating incomes with the Mainnet release, day 1.
▪ Masternodes registration interface will be available starting 1st of March, 00:00 CET – announced officially in time by corporate

▪ A person can register Masternodes / Full Nodes indefinitely if the minimum amount of KCB for each Masternode / Full Node is deposited to maintain operation, i.e. to keep it running.
▪ The creator / holder of Masternode and Full Node may withdraw the deposited KCB coins at any time, resulting in the loss of the Masternode / Fullnode seat.
▪ As long as the minimum Masternode / Fullnode deposit remains untouched, the creator / holder of Masternode and Fullnode can withdraw the earned coins / profits anytime without affecting the Masternode / Fullnode seat.

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If you have any questions simply register as an affiliate and check out all the information which is freely available within the website at www.karatgold.sg

Karatbars Corporate Video 2019

If you would like to learn more about the company check out the video below or go to www.karatacademy.com for more videos.




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