Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays


Brian McGinty here,


First of all I would like to say a very Merry Christmas, Happy holidays from myself, Emma, Emily, Bryony and Jimmy.



Thanks to Harald Seiz and Karatbars we are having our best Christmas ever.


We have been able to buy whatever we needed to but more importantly have all the time in the world to be able to do it. That really is the best possible gift!


There is a lot going on right now so let me break it down into simple chunks for you.


Karatbars New Compensation Plan and Other Updates


KBC Price


KBC is trading at over €0.02 cents now on some exchanges which is four times more than it cost back in February!


It is heading firmly in the right direction as we go towards 4th July!


Claiming 35% bonus


This has been extended until the 31st January so no need to panic about it if you haven’t done it yet. You can get it done after Christmas.



New Compensation Plan


This was released a few days ago and I know a lot of people went crazy trying to get it online but just remember that I have been with the company over five years.


The plan was for it to go live on the 24th but that would not have given any time for real life testing so it was brought forward as 25th, 26th were the next days and everyone would be off.


Bringing it forward meant we could identify any mistakes in the text or programming and fix them.


We, (The leadership team), spotted these and they are being corrected. That is why you should ALWAYS wait for me to give you the go ahead before promoting something.


Just because something is in the website doesn’t mean its the right time to share it. Measure twice cut once my Dad always told me.


Now that I have a final draft and the admin is being fixed I will be able to create an accurate video overview of it in the next few days.


Most likely I will get it done on Thursday or Friday but I will let you know if a gap appears. Not easy with three little ones and a sick wife but i’ll try my best.


For the Affiliates By The Affiliates


This new compensation plan has been developed WITH the leadership team including myself. Harald would never impose anything on us without discussing it with us.


The existing plan was too hard to explain and it took people too long to earn so this has been fixed.


Yes you can make €100,000+ per month but it took years to get there. With this new simplified plan you earn more and faster. Your referrals will earn more faster which can only be a great thing.


Commission have been moved from the slower monthly unilevel and put into the dual team where you can see your earnings increase in real time and you get paid weekly.


Dual commissions for Bronze and Silver have been increased, you now get paid not only on your direct referrals but three levels deep plus you also can get a matching bonus on your team earnings up to seven levels deep!


EG: In the old system You got paid 20% of your directs. (as VIP)


Now You get 10% on directs, 3% on second level and 2% on third.


Your referral brings in 10 partners you get 10 x 3% on all those packages!


Even if one of your referrals does all his purchases through his wife’s account you still earn whereas before you missed out.


This will also encourage people to help their referrals more and not see them as a “one off commission”


Anyone starting in Karatbars now will find it so easy to build their businesses compared to before. They will earn more, they will get more motivated and build faster. This will ultimately lead to much higher growth for the company.


We can get to one million affiliates and beyond much faster and you have a much higher chance of being successful.


No More Waiting


The new Profit Packages are also digital so people don’t need to wait for packages to arrive before they start! They didn’t before but at least that psychological barrier is now gone.


Win Win Win


All things considered and from someone who has 20,000 people in his team this is a win win win compensation plan for new and existing affiliates alike and I can’t wait to see everyone take advantage of it.


I see people earning already who never earned before and it’s wonderful to see.


All you need to do is ensure you have got the biggest one of the new packages below you can afford.


Have a look at them on the website HERE

Karatbars New Compensation Plan and Other Updates

Something For Every Budget

You can also now see that we have packages from €160 up to one million euros so there really is something for every budget. I know several 50K packages have already been sold and you can see why from the huge value they represent.


If you want to have a look through the new compensation plan you can see it in the back office HERE


My advice is to have a read and wait for my video later in the week. I will also be integrating it into all the replicated websites and will let you know when that is done.


Long story short you will have everything you need to get out of the traps fast on 1st January. All you need to do is enjoy Christmas and get to the maximum package level you can afford. Any with a VIP status will ensure you earn the maximum of commissions.


More commissions


The seller of these profit packages now gets 100% of the commission from the value unlike 25% as before with the combo packages!


More great news for affiliates and more commissions for you.


Gold Buyback Is Gone!


I have been fighting for this to be removed since I started in 2013 and finally Harald is removing the gold buyback from from 1st January.


In case you didn’t know what it was it was an option where you could turn stored classic gold back into cash and Karatbars would do it for you. It was a safety net for someone who had no other options.


The buyback was much lower than the sale price and in five years I don’t know anyone who ever used it. It was supposed to be much lower so Karatbars didn’t turn into a gold trading business.


The whole point in Karatbars is teaching people to save in gold for themselves and their children and children’s children. Not to become gold / fiat currency traders.


Anyone with a brain would never have used the buyback as you could get near to the full retail value of a Karatbar on Ebay or by selling to another affiliate.


*A 1g Pamp suise with less security than a Classic Karatbar sells for £54 today! –


**A 1g kinebar which is closer to a Karatbars is £74 –


The problem was that new affiliates ASSUMED that the buyback was the only way to turn your gold into cash and they saw the big difference and it put new people off.


I had to make videos explaining all this before we could let people get to the website.


The buyback was a pain that was rarely used and only caused unnecessary objections.


Thankfully it has now gone as we now have the Karatbit exchange.


Anyone who buys gold from Karatbars going forward will only be buying cashgold and is buying it at close to spot price anyway.


They can turn it into USD and send the money to their bank account.


Going forward the possibility to transfer from Karatbit to cards will also be introduced.


Cashgold is the only gold to promote 


I have classic cards which I will have delivered and keep because its still 24kt, 999 at a great price. I won’t however be promoting them any more as we now have cashgold.


A 1g Cashgold card today with better security features than a Kinebar (£74) costs just £38!!


A 1g pamp Suisse today costs £54 and we are charging £38 for a 1g cashgold. 


Please get your head around how much we have undercut all the competition in terms of physical gold delivery prices.


Going forward if someone wants to buy gold up to 6g we have the best prices. If they want to turn it back into cash they can do it easily on the Karatbit exchange OR in one of the many K-exchanges that will be opening in the future.


The K-Exchange part of the business was put on ice for obvious reasons this year until we got the new low cashgold prices, atms’s etc but it can be put back into action in 2019.


When we are ready to promote them again I will let you know.


Removing the buyback has finally removed one of the biggest objections for new people and this will make building your business so much easier.

Karatbars New Compensation Plan and Other Updates

Getting Ready For 2019


The best piece of advice I can give you is to stay off Facebook completely and Youtube videos that are not on my Channel.


Some affiliates mean well but in a rush to get something out “first” they often get it wrong.


I love Networking because my success depends 100% on how successful you are. I also know after twenty years of it that keeping things simple and following a basic system is the easiest way to success.


I sent out the first part of my “getting ready for 2019” system a few weeks ago but I have copied it to my blog if you missed it.


Thank you to everyone who emailed me and who has already read/listened to the “Think and Grow Rich” book!. I can see it is changing some lives already which is crazy for just a book!


Part 2 


You will know that the first book was written in the 1930’s but what you may not know is that there has been a follow up to it which brings it up to date.


There is no point in reading/listening to the second without the first!


The second book I want you to now read/listen to is called “You Were Born Rich” by Bob Proctor.


Get it on Audible   HERE   or Amazon Books – HERE


Can’t afford it? – Free PDF – HERE


This one comes with a workbook which you should print off   HERE


I can’t make it much easier for you than that. 😉 


Without exaggeration I would not be as successful as I am today if I had not read these two books.


I listen to them every week, I was listening to one when i was putting up Christmas decorations, in the car, i’ve even tried listening to them when I sleep.


Every time I listen to them I get more out of them.


If you really get into them and take on board what is in them you WILL be successful in Karatbars or anything you put your mind to.



Seven Days Until 1st January 



1. Get the maximum package you can.


2. Read/Listen to the two books above. 


3. Read the comp plan and wait for my video and replicated pages to be updated. 



Apart from that, recharge your batteries, spend time with your family and get ready for a huge push from 1st January.


Have a break, we work hard and with that should come some time to rest and recover.


We will have a huge incentive to promote in January, new Blockchain phone and ATM’s coming, affiliate links for Karatbit and much more. We will not be stuck for ways to earn a huge passive income.


And remember always that if I haven’t announced something to you its not because I don’t know, its because its not helpful to yet.


If you follow me step by step it will be impossible to fail in 2019.


If you have not registered for a Karabars account yet click HERE 


Keep a close eye on the website and the official Facebook page for updates.

Have a wonderful, relaxing few days and Ill speak to you soon… Lots of love and best wishes to you and your whole family.



Brian McGinty


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