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A New Beginning 


Brian McGinty here,



think everyone will be really excited to see the new compensation plan which is starting on the 24th December.


Everyone will be able to earn more money faster especially people who are just starting off. If you want to get started/restarted in Karatbars this is the best time to do it.


*If you see anyone sharing comp plan information online please ignore it. The final official plan will not be released until next week. Once it is I will make a video explaining it in detail for you.


Gold Standard Bank 


You Wanted Information – Harald Delivers


Great news for everyone with the release of the Gold Standard Magazine. Please read it from cover to cover to get your knowledge up about everything that is happening.


Click HERE


Corporate are producing excellent marketing materials and copy for us. All we have to do is read them.


A new book and a video on his life is also coming soon! He really does want everyone in Karatbars to get to know him as a person. He wants to be as open, transparent and as accessible as possible to all of us. Not many CEO’s do that!


He has also just been made an honorary Doctor of a university in Germany but more about that as I get it.


New Karatbars Videos 

Check out my new 35% bonus video and updated December overview on my Youtube Channel –  HERE

Focus On Sales Training 

As many of you know I was going to start sales training in June but Dirc told me that he would do it all as part of “The Golden Lions”. That is obviously not now going ahead so I will go back to doing it myself.


Prior to Karatbars I had worked as a sales trainer for several multinational sales companies in Ireland, London and Portugal and I enjoy helping people become successful in this area.


ANYONE can be successful in direct sales with the correct mindset which I have proven many times. Your budget, background or your past have no bearing on your future. 100% commission sales takes a lot of courage and harder than any other type of business mentally. (In the beginning anyway). That’s why it pays so well!


With the new comp plan, Christmas etc there is a good opportunity now to get yourself mentally ready for a very fast start in 2019.

Keep An Open Mind 

I am going to introduce you to a few things/concepts that you may not want to do/try. 


That’s ok because I didn’t want to do them in the beginning either. I just decided that being broke was harder and I didn’t want to be poor more, so I got on with it. 


Sometimes the pain of staying the same needs to be greater than the pain of change for us to take action!


If your not feeling any pain now think about the pain you will feel in the future if you don’t do something to change your situation. 


So lets get started 


There is no point in learning about Karatbars if you don’t know how to be a Networker much in the same way there is no point in going for a driving test without lessons because you will fail. 


Try Networking before you have the skills and you will crash 


What I/we do is a profession! 


I am sure I made more money every month than most Doctors, Lawyers etc so please take this seriously because you can achieve it too. 


Karatbars is not a game, Network Marketing is not a game. It is a very serious profession that people like to try and demean. The truth is that it is an honest profession where you get rewarded for your efforts. 


Not because of who you know, where you are from etc. You don’t get paid for sitting at your desk playing solitaire like in the corporate world.  If you do well it is because you worked for it. 


You spoke to many people, you took the rejection and you kept going. I worked 16 hour days in 2013 so I could take yesterday off and go to Emily’s Nativity. I worked hard then so I have choice today. 


I am writing this Newsletter so I can give you the same choices in 2020, 2021 etc.. 



Here’s What You Need To Be 100% Successful 


1. Training 50% – You will never become a successful Networking Professional without the correct training. Facebook is full of phoney Gurus looking to steal your money so please stay away from them and don’t get sucked in. 


The number one source for good, honest, professional and FREE training is Eric Worre.


This is his website –   https://networkmarketingpro.com/  


You also absolutely need to subscribe to his Youtube Channel  https://www.youtube.com/user/ericworre/videos and watch one or two of his videos every day. Start today. 


Watch every video on his channel over the next year and you will have 80% of the knowledge you need to be successful. 


Treat it like you are doing a Degree in Network Marketing and he is your Tutor! 



2. Mindset –  30%  Having the information is one thing but being in the correct mindset to use it is another. They say that success leaves clues and one book kept coming up over as a recommendation. 


The book is called “Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill”. It is one man’s life work studying successful people before the 1930’s. He found out what the secret to their success was and anyone can do it. 


I hit a problem with this because I hated, (and still do), reading books so I got the audio book! I find it hard to keep my concentration when reading but watching and listening it all goes in. 


I can tell you now that my life changed the day I started listening to this book. Remember I went from completely broke 65 months ago and I am living in a £1.2 Million pound  house today!  


I put most of that down to what I learnt from this book when combined with my Eric Worre daily training. Yes I did have some of the skills from my previous companies but how i was applying them to Karabars was all wrong. 


Eric Worre and This Book brought order to everything 


Get your copy of Think And Grow Rich  today:  


If you are not a reader you can pick it up on Audible – HERE


If you want to buy the book you can get it HERE


If you can’t afford to buy it here is a PDF copy of it – HERE


I hope that covers all the bases so no one has any reason not to start it.

3. Karatbars Knowledge – 10%


You don’t need to know about gold to be successful in Karatbars. You only have to ask people to watch a video and pass them on to me if they are interested. This is probably the most difficult thing for people to understand or get their heads around.


Learn about Karatbars as you go along. It’s on the job training but it’s not the “job” Asking people to watch your video is your work for the first six months at least.



4. Effort – 10% – This might seem quite low but if you know how to network properly, have the correct mindset and can answer basic questions about Karatbars asking people to watch the video should take very little effort.


Let me explain.. 


Unprofessional Networker – Spends two hours talking to someone about Karatbars, can’t answer questions, gets tied up in knots. Talks to max four people today, none register, gets demoralised and gives up with exhaustion and negativity fatigue.



Professional Networker – Makes a list of 100 people to call today. (Uses Eric Worres memory Jogger)  https://networkmarketingpro.com/memoryjogger/


Starts calling them asking them to watch the video today that it is urgent and they need to watch today. Doesn’t talk about the business, One minute per call.


Takes 100 minutes. 90 don’t register, 5-10 register, two start in the business today and he earns a good commission for his work. The professional networker only speaks to those who have registered and shown interest.


Be aware, 5 of the others who registered will start in the next twelve months if they get the newsletter. Not everyone takes action right away. 98% won’t!


He has eliminated 90% of the possible negativity and spoken to 25 times more people on one day. He completes a simple task well and has order to his day.


Once he gets five partners started he can stop calling people and help his partners repeat the process with their lists.


Which one do you want to be? 


Once I got my team growing I was able to stop recruiting in 2015. The sooner you get it out of the way the better.  Asking people to watch the video is not fun, it’s monotonous BUT it is temporary work that will keep paying you forever.



Next Steps 


I am going to do this training in an orderly way so everyone is on the same page.


I will give everyone a week to get Think and Grow Rich and read/listen to it. It should only take a couple of days as it is a short book. You really will enjoy it and it will affect all of your life, not just your work life.


Register at Network Marketing Pro and make sure you watch some of Eric Worres videos and read his content every day.


Next Friday I will be giving everyone another book to read and another set of videos to start watching.


If we can all get this done before the 24th December we will all be ready for the new compensation plan. I have seen it, it is brilliant and i will be making a video presentation of it for you so you can learn it quickly.


Just remember Karatbars is just the car, it is the vehicle that CAN make you a lot of money.


We all need to learn how to drive first and that;s where Eric Worre and Napoleon Hill will get you started.


Who Is In? 


If you are up for this training please send an email to brian@globalgoldbullion.com with your name, username and confirm you have registered at Network Marketing Pro AND you have a copy of Think And grow Rich.


I want to track the success of this group of people over the next twelve months so we can show how successful it is.


I am looking forward to a very exciting 2019! KBC coin is holding and going up in value where almost every other Crypto coin is going down!


We will have our new comp plan, Crypto phones, ATM, affiliate links for the exchange and much more to come! We will have many new opportunities to make a lot of passive income in 2019 but we must be prepared before we begin.


Keep a close eye on the www.karatbars.com website and the official Facebook page for updates.




Brian McGinty

Please let me know if you need any help with anything. I am in the office from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. BST (UK/Ireland Time)


*Email is best as I can work through them in order.





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