The Karatbars / Karatbit Exchange

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The Karatbars / Karatbit Exchange

The Karatbit exchnage is part of the Karatbars and Karatgold ecosystem which is the brainchild of Senator Harald Seiz. Since 2011 Karatbars has been the market leader in supplying 24kt 999.9 gold in small units to the public in over one hundred countries.

In 2018 Harald decided that having his own Cryptocurrency backed by Karatbars gold was the future and the direction of the company. In January the KBC coin was released on an ICO and went on to become one of the most successful ICO’s ever raising over $100 million USD.

Harald then decided that owning our own bank and mine would further guarantee the safety of the supply chain for his customers so proceeded to make these acquisitions.

You can learn more on how Karatbars, Karatgold, Karatbank and The Karatbit Exchnage all fit together in the following video.

The Karatbars / Karatbit Exchange

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The Karatbars / Karatbit Exchange

The Karatbit Exchange will be one of the most flexible and user friendly cryptocurrency exchanges ever created. It will allow its users the possibility to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, KBC KCB  and many other Cryptocurrencies quickly and easily through new advanced payment methods including cashgold. This is further helped by the fact that Karatbars also own a bank in Miami!

Imagine how the Karatbit exchnage will allow you to move between gold, cashgold, fiat currency and cryptocurrency seamlessly! Just think how popular and exchange like that will be.

The Karabit Cryptocurrency exchange will be like no other that exists today and will attract millions of dollars in transactions as it grows.


There will be many opportunities for people in the crypto world to be able to make money by promoting the exchange to others as well as taking part in the new technologies which are being created by the company.

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