What Can You Buy for 135 kg of Gold?

In early September, one of the biggest cryptocurrency news stories was on the first 135 kg of gold deposited in the KBC Tokens by KaratGold Coin.

However, the age of virtual worlds and cryptocurrencies gets us out of touch with reality and forget us break away from the meatspace and forget about the true power of real gold.

When reading the news about the 135 kg of gold deposit we think: “Well, OK, that’s probably great.” At the same time, the market specialist sees this a little bit differently and other thoughts bear his/her mind: “135 kg of gold as the first deposit? Really?”

Now let us track a huge power 135 kg of gold historically had.

Gold has always been standing for domination and wide opportunities. For example, if you lived in the times when ancient Rome was gaining the world strength, you could increase it further by hiring your own army. As a matter of fact, the pay of a legionnaire in Roman civilization was about 900 sesterces. Having 135 kg of gold you could get 2.5 million sesterces and create an army consisting of 2,750 soldiers, as well as to easily add to ancient Rome one more province.

In today’s world, there is no need to conquer any provinces. Simply go abroad, see how people live there and if you wish become resident of the country you like. If you as a traveler have 135 kg of physical gold, you can buy an apartment anywhere on the Earth. In one place apartments will cost more, in the other one a bit cheaper, but on average you will be able to own 200 apartments located in the capitals of all countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, South and North America, and you will have enough to buy luxury apartments in Canberra, Australia.

In order to travel in comfort, for 135 kg of gold you can buy 100 premium class Mercedes-Benz cars. Convoy of your freshly purchased vehicles will stretch for 2 km. If this would suddenly appear in your city, you would have to stand for a few minutes and watch how a new Mercedes-Benz passes every next second.

For all that, gold can not only be spent, it can be used for investing. For instance, in the U.S. Silicon Valley, the launch of a new successful start-up in 2018 was estimated at an average of $750,000. Therefore, for 135 kg of gold you could establish 7 companies or buy the ones that already produce existing IT products & services, as well as achieve growth of their capitalization to the level of Google or Apple.

Referring to KaratGold Coin, it did not go for purchasing Mercedes-Benz cars or apartments in all countries around the Globe. KaratGold Coin has deposited 135 kg of gold to secure and repay its own cryptocurrency secured by gold. Such deposits are planned to be made on a regular basis and will form the gold reserve of the KaratGold Coin, which will ensure reliability and security of the KaratGold Coin cryptocurrency circulation in KaratPay payment system.

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Therefore, if blockchain users ever decide to exchange their KBC coins for physical gold, they will know that gold reserve of the KaratGold Coin guarantees them such a possibility. Moreover, they are always reminiscent of the true power that distinguishes gold.

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