The Karatgold Coin is Backed by Real Gold and the Backing Process Has Begun…

I just enjoyed 3 lovely days in Hong Kong (courtesy of Karatbars and Karatgold) to see the first 100 kg of 24 karat, 999.9 finest gold that has now been added to the bank vault and begins the process of securing the value of the KBC (Karatgold Coin) with real gold.

I went over with my good friend Graham Laurie and we had an opportunity to talk with Harald Seiz, the CEO of the Karatgold (and Karatbars) organisation along with other important people in the Karatgold business enterprise. The trip was quite an eye opener and to hear the key players discussing the future simply filled me with more confidence about this whole operation and the potential we have here.


Sadly, no free samples were given.

The purpose of the visit was to hear the key players at Karatgold explaining to us exactly what was under development and why they were so confident about the future. Part of this process was to take us along in small groups to see the first 100kg of gold that was now going to be added to the Karatbank vault.

We went to the Karatgold admin office in Gloucester Road, Wanchai where we were treated to a view of the 100kg of gold (that’s 3,215.07 troy ounces) sat in an open safe. Obviously this was just for show and was not the home of where the gold was to stay but it helped us to picture just what 100kg looks like.

1kg of gold costs around £35,00 at spot price so 100kg is roughly £3,500,000 in value. As gold is added to the vault this will be used to secure the value of KBC. In time enough gold will be vaulted to give each KBC the same value as at least 0.1kg of Cashgold which is €3.95 to buy (currently).

Now the free market, as it learns that KBC is actually backed by real gold may well take the value of KBC to over that value rather more quickly but knowing that, in time, one KBC will be worth €3.95 (in todays value) as a minimum gives this Crypto a serious edge. After all, most Cryptos (if not all) are backed by nothing more than promises and dreams.


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Karatgold and the Future

Harald Seiz, the Karatgold and Karatbars CEO kicked off our after lunch speeches with a rousing personal view of what his long term ambitions were for the entire Karatgold enterprise. He left us in no doubt whatsoever that he was out to make gold available at the right price to everyone sensible enough to get into it.

He was making Cashgold effectively a lost leader to help people into gold ownership and he wanted everyone in the Karatbars and Karatgold family to succeed.


But also, in making a simple gold trading mechanism available, at the right price, to all, the move is also designed to attract gold bullion dealers to the Karatgold system. That has massive implications to all of us Karatbars affiliates as the volume of Cashgold purchases will escalate dramatically as a result. That interest in Karatgold from dealers is already, apparently, starting to show through.

With every 0.1kg of Cashgold now available to buy for just €3.95 there is nowhere to lay your hands on 24 karat, 999.9% gold anywhere on the planet at such a good price. To think that someone could come into Karatbars and simply buy a gram of Cashgold here and there and slowly save for their future, knowing that they had acquired gold at a stunning price and knowing that they were in a system that will allow them to change it back to fiat currency with such ease, is a wonderful thing.

And all future developments at Karatgold will be designed, ultimately, to get this into the hands of ordinary people but that isn’t all. He, and his colleagues, are building an infrastructure that allows us to instantly buy, sell and exchange this gold literally using our phones. They are already in talks with a household name to develop this “blockchain based” phone.


We were treated to a talk by Toma Ovidiu Florin (he prefers to be called just Toma) who is lead man in developing our own, in-house, blockchain and telephone technology! He was fascinating and made it quite clear that he saw a very bright future in an association with Karatgold. The man is a superstar in blockchain technology terms with a history with projects such as Ethereum along with others.

We were also given a short talk by Marvin Steinberg, the developer of both KBC and KCB he and his team manage the Cryptocurrency side of the Karatgold business and is now hands on with the project day by day. This includes, of course, the development of the exchange project.


Karatgold are developing their own exchange that will allow this fully interchangeable aspect to the whole system. Buy Cashgold, exchange Cashgold for KBC or KCB coins, exchange it for EURO, GBP, USD and even to other Cryptos such as Bitcoin and so on. One exchange to allow the full and instant movement of fiat money to gold to Crypto and back again to fiat.

Finally we were also given a talk by Josep Heit the majority shareholder of the gold mine in Madagascar that Karatgold now own 30% of. Perhaps more importantly, Josep is now an absolute business partner with Harald Seiz in the Karatgold project with plans to help with more finance as needed and day to day development support. It was very clear from Mr Heit and the other key players that they were all very taken with Harald’s long term plans and ambitions with Karatgold.

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