Karatbars Gold New Price and Hong Kong Report

A Wonderful Event In Hong Kong


Brian McGinty here,

                               I arrived in Hong Kong at 7am on friday morning and left again at 10pm and it really was a flying visit! Didn’t even have time to get jet lag! My wife Emma hasn’t been too well recently so I couldn’t leave her for any longer than I did. 


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1. All KCB coins have been transferred from your Karatbars dashboard to your Myetherwallet accounts. KBc coins will be transferred later. 


2. If you ever want to find your coins or check if they have been transferred go to https://etherscan.io/  and enter your ethereum address. All transactions are public, thats the whle pont of this technology. (More on that below) 


3. You must enter your Etheeum wallet address in your Karatbars back office under “profile” If you go there you will see a box to enter it. 


4. If you do not have an ethereum address set one up at www.myetherwallet.com 


So let me recap what happened In Hong Kong. 


We all met at the hotel at noon and were taken in groups over to the office to see the gold which was brought out and placed in a safe so we could see it. (It’s not where it is actually kept for obvious reasons) The security people wold only let us get so close! 


It was great to see over $5 million of our gold that is backing our KBC coin! I am glad I made the effort so I could be there to represent you. 


One thing thatt struck me was that some people expected to see “more” gold which just goes to show how little people know about gold. Even experienced Karatbars affiliates! 


Just for your own knowledge and understanding


1kg of gold is about the size of a chocolate bar and fits in the palm of your hand. 1kg costs about €35,000 


One cubic metre of gold weights 19.6 tons and costs over $63 million dollars. 

Gold Backed Cryptocurrency


When you take into consideration that no other crypto coin out there is backed by anything physical it is very easy to see the huge advantage our coin has over every other cryptocurrency. 


If one Bitcoin backed by nothing can be worth €6000 what can one KBC backed by gold be worth? 

KBC Price Increase 
The price of our first coin KBC has also been climbing over the past week which again is a reflection of the growing interest in the whole project. KBC started last week at around 0.5 euro cents and was up as high as three cents late last week!
My personal KBC increased by over €250,000 at one point! KBC was oneof the biggest gainers in the past seven days even hitting the number one spot on Friday! 


I recommeded buying it last week and I recommend buying it now at approx 1.5 cents.. It is only going to go higher from what I was told in Hong Kong. 

Dinner Afterwards


After going to see the gold we went for dinner overlooking Hong Kong harbour and I was honoured to be sitting between Harald Seiz and Marvin Steinberg who manages the cryptocurrency side of the business. Also on our table were Josep Heit (The owner of the mine) and Toma Ovidiu Florin who is developing our blockchain and telephone technology! 


All three men spoke on the day about the various aspects of the business and how they all work together! These men have become great friends with Harald as could be clearly seen from their speeches. 


The first working ATM is planned to be unveiled in Miami on the world tour in October so be there for that. 


I took the opportunity to speak with Harald and the others and question them about how all this will benefit us as affiliates! The exchnages, the atms, the phones will all put more commissions in our pockets! The bottom line is that Harald wants to give us the chance to earn as much commission as possible! 


I had a very long chat with Marvin too who explained that the price of KBC will rise once again this week. They have a very clear strategy on how they will keep improving the price. 


EG: This week they will be giving coinmarketcap information which should propel KBC into the top 100 coins! 

Cashgold Price Drop 

We now have the most competitively priced 24kt , 999.9 gold in the world!


I have known for five years that we have been selling the most secure gold at the best price but it has now got even lower!

0.1g of cashgold now costs just €3.95 making 1g just €39.50 

Get your head around that!

Every single person who every said they were not interested in Karatbars due to price now has NO OBJECTON!

You can buy physical 24kt, 999.9 gold from an LBMA acccredited refinery, with serial number, hologram, blacklight and dna security with free storgae and Fedex delivery at €39.50 per gram which you cannot do ANYWHERE!

It gets better! You can buy the gold, transfer it to your Karatpay account, transfer it worldwide instantaneously and the person you send it to can have it delivered!

It gets better again! There are no physical production costs on anything over 1g!


If you are buying 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.4g or 0.6g notes you pay €0.85 cents per note but not on 1g, 3g or 6g cards!

The cherry on the cherry is that you will be able to exchange it for fiat currency, cryptocurrency etc when our exchange goes live next month!

Not only has Harald droped the price basically making it a loss-leader for the company but he has decided to pay us unilevel commissions on it as well as units.

This will bring so many new people to Karatbars, to our exchange and our coins that any loss on cashgold can be made up elsewhere. It is a genius strategy.
How do we buy cashgold

I have made a short video showing you how to buy cashgold, how to store it and how to take delivery.

My advice is just buy it manually for now. 
Please watch the video and write your comments underneath! –  https://youtu.be/28gRYlk4tlY

There is no reason why anyone in the world who wants to buy, store or trade gold would not use Karatbars International!


Go tell the world how they can get the best gold with the best features and the best price at Karatbars! This changes everything!


Go tell everyone that ever registered with you in Karatbars or anyone you spoke to in the past! They will not believe what you are telling them. We have blown all competition out of the water.

New Products to Sell

Harald knows the price of KBC is only going to increase, he knows lots of people missed out and he does not want the same thing to happen with KCB.


It is extremely important to know that the KCB coin phase will only last for twelve months and at the end of that time all unsold coins will be burned! (I don’t think many people have realised this)


What does that mean?


Basically if we sell 3 billion or 30 billion of the 50 billion any left will be “deleted” or not exist. What it means for me and you is that we need to accumulate as many KCB as possible over the next eleven months or so.


In order to solve the problem of people missing out on KBC and to help people accumulate KCB Harald has decide to offer some new Crypto packages.


They are called combo packages and will consiste of KCB AND KBC!


You can find them in the back office – HERE


They cost €3k / €5k, €8k and €15k and contain both KCB and KBC! These will be a huge seller withi the crypto world so make sure to let everyone knw they are available.

We had a good laugh!

One great thing about Karatbars events is that we do have some fun and they are light hearted! Prior to joining Karatbars I have been going to direct sales events for over twenty years and they generally are not!


They are too heavy, the people take themselves to seriously and you can feel the competition between people in the air! 


As alwas this was not the case and the family nature of the Karatbars, led by Harald himself, shone through! 


Harald never wanted targets, monthly fee’s or stress in Karatbars and that tells when you meet other business partners!

Time To Make a lot Of Money 


It’s easy to have fun when everyone is earning and everyone is happy!


As always Karatbars always deliver everything they say they will! The very fact that you are reading this newsletter means you have one of the biggest opportunities to change your life at your feet.


If you want to you can now sell millions of euros of cashgold to gold buyers with very little objection! You have something no other gold seller has!


You can sell millions of euros of our coins to people who want to buy a cryptocurrency that is backed by something! You have something no other crypto coin seller has!


You can help millions of people buy a business package which contains the key to thousands of euros per month in passive income. You have something better than any frachise or anything a normal business for sale offers!


You are about to have the best crypto exchange and blockchain communication technology at your disposal!


It’s like this…You are right at the beginning of the Internet in 1995, mobile phones in 2000 or social media in 2005!


You are ahead of the curve with the right company and the right products at the right time. It’s a perfect storm and you are in it!

Remaining World Tour Events 


Here is the list of upcoming events. Go to more than one if you can! I want to see as many of our team in London as possible.


Houston USA         15th September  HERE


Atlanta               21st/22nd September  HERE


London            29th September   www.karatbarsuk.com


Dublin              30th September  HERE


Nassau Bahamas  6th October  HERE


Madrid               October 13th – Waiting for venue


Miami               October 20th  – Waiting for venue

Get Started Today  


If you have not ordered your marketing package do that today. If you have not got any KBC or KCB then start buying some! You can buy KBc on the exchanges and KCB at Karatgold.sg.


If you have no idea why BLOCKCHAIN is so important do what I did all they way from Dublin to Hong Kong.. I watched Youtube videos on Blockchain!


Click this link and start watching… https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=blockchain


One hour and you can become a blockchain expert, you will know more about it than 99% of the worlds population. You will see why it is going to change every aspect of our lives.. It could be bigger than the internet for everyone.


Thats all for today… If I missed any of your calls, emails or messages please send them again. This is why email is best as I can go through them in order.


Keep a close eye on the www.karatbars.com website and the official Facebook page for updates.




Brian McGinty

Please let me know if you need any help with anything. I am in the office from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. BST (UK/Ireland Time)

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