Karatbars Update – KBC Listed On CoinSuper

Brian McGinty here,

                                We are only a a few people aways from 18,000 affiliates and customers in our group so well done to everyone who is working hard out there building their teams.
If you want to get of to a fast start all you need to do is watch this video and follow the instructions! HERE

Remember, selling five packages gets you your money back and a free upgrade.

Building a team of regular savers gives you passive weekly income.

If you want an extra 5k, 50k or 100k a month thats how to get there quickly.

It’s very very simple…Five steps, five people.. Don’t over complicate it.


Coinsuper Listing

Fantastic news today as our Karatgoldcoin, KBC, is listed on Coinsuper!  Coinsuper is one of the most progressive exchanges out there and has turned over $4 billion in the last 30 days alone.

For anyone who doesn’t know what this our first crypto coin was called KBC and it was one of the most successful crypto currency ICO’s ever raising over $100 Million in four months.

The plan is to back each KBC coin with €3.50 of gold which equates to about 0.1g of gold at spot price.


*The price of 0.1g Karatbars cashgold is going to be adjusted downwards so everything matches and it is easy to understand.

Each KBC will have 0.1g of physical gold, (1 x cashgold),  backing it sitting in the vault.

Karatbars have acquired the mine from which to extract the gold. The first delivery of gold is going into the vault on 7th September.

You can be there to see it for yourself if you wish.

I personally own over 10 million KBC and I have been buying more each week. It is currently sitting around €0.006 which is what I paid which is fine. As the amount of physical gold in the vault increases so will KBC’s value.

People have been complaining that the price isn’t rising..

People will complain when it goes up and they didn’t buy when it was under one cent.

People complain no matter what happens…

I think a sub 1 cent price for a gold backed crypto is an opportunity for me to buy more, it is certainly not a problem!

Plus the more I buy the more volume I put into the coin which helps the price.  Like everything in life it’s how we look at things.

Change how you look at something and what you are looking at will change.

Do you want to buy some KBC?

You can only buy KBC on exchanges now such as www.coinbe.net , www.yobit.io , www.hitbtc.com and now www.coinsuper.com

It will go on Coinsuper at 8pm today GMT +8

If you have not got any KBC yet or want to buy more get on the exchanges and buy some!

Every KBC you buy helps the volume and builds momentum. Imagine what a positive effect it would have if every Karatbars affiliate went on to coinsuper tonight and bought €50 of KBC!!?

If you have enough KBC and you want to help boost the price get on to the Karatbars Facebook page and share the posts about Coinsuper.




He gets there in the end

Everything that Harald Seiz has promised since 2011 has happened. 1g – 5g cards, open in 100+ countries, dna security, top level sponsorships, paid five times per month without fail, every order delivered, Karatpay app launched, cashgold released, offices in Slovenia, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong open and many other things to numerous to list..

Does everything happen in the timescale he/we would like?..NO.. But anyone who has built anything knows that’s life!

In the next twelve months we will have our own crypto wallet, our own exchange, phone technology, kexchanges launching, banking faciliaties, world tour completed, golden lions trainings ongoing…  and further ahead ATM’s!


Whats you can do today

1. Get to a Karatbars World Tour Event and be part of the Golden Lions training – You can find the list and ticket links  HERE


Everyone who has been is telling everyone else that they need to get to an event.


2. Get to Hong Kong on the 7th September. If you buy €8000 of KCB coins Harlad Seiz will pay for your flights and accomodation so you can be there.


IF you buy €8000+ of KCB you are getting them at approx €0.08cents each. For a coin that will be listed at €0.14cents+ in twelve months time thats a fantastic deal even without the Hong Kong trip!

My flights alone are over €2500 before accomodation and Karatbars are paying for everyones flights and accomodation!


Make sure everyone in your downline knows about this huge opporunity to be part of history.


3. Buy some KBC coin from the exchanges listed above. €10 will get you 1666 coins!


4. Start sharing your 15 minute video and start building your passive weekly income.


5. If you don’t own a Karatbars package please remember that the opportuity to get almost the full value in KCB ends on 31st August! (See below)

New Karatbars / Karatgold Intro Video

Head office are creating new marketing material for us and this week they have released a new three minute introduction video.

Please have a look now and leave your comments and thoughts underneath.

Watch it at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D8gvCGaSuU&t=2s

You can use whatever tools you want to build YOUR BUSINESS. Its your business so you decide how you wat to run it.

There are over 400 videos at www.bmcginty.com  Use whatever you need!

Take Control

Yes…  I Will Help You Build Your Business – The highlighted words are the important ones and sometimes people miss that out.

The best thing that ever happened me when I started in Karatbars was that my sponsor only sponsored me and didn’t build the business. He never has.

I had to swim or sink by myself. At the time I was angry as I had no help but in the long run it made me work things out for myself and find my own way.

Every cloud as they say!!


Busy week ahead

Please remember that the 31st August is this Friday night at 11.59pm CET. (Central European time).

The offer of free KCB ends as does the Hong Kong Incentive and already today I am being contacted by people trying to take advantage of both.


Everyone is asking me “whats the easiest way to qualify?”

If you don’t have a team and/or don’t want to sell simply buying 1 x Premium and €4000 of KCB or €8000+ of KCB will get you there.

Don’t forget the package contains €3580 of KCB to so win win!

As soon as you place the order head office will know and be in touch to book your flights and accomodation.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


I am in the office from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. BST (UK/Ireland Time)


*Email is best as I can work through them in order.





Brian McGinty

Karatbars International

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UK Office: +44 (0) 2891 871 374

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