Buy KCB – Get A FREE Trip To Hong Kong With Flights and Accomodation

You read that right!

Buy KCB at a reduced price and get a free trip to Hong Kong on 7th September.

Watch the video below to find out more…  Then register at

Got questions? Whatsapp/call +447511650427 or email

This has to be the biggest incentive prize Karatbars have ever given and the number who can take part is unlimited.

All you have to do is register, buy €8k or more of KCB tokens and you immediately qualify for a trip to Hong Kong on the 7th September 2018!


Why is this such a fantastic offer?

1. You are getting KCB tokens at less than €0.09 cents each when they are really €0.14 cents each!

2. You get to keep the tokens and change change them to other crypto currency / fiat currency later on our exchange

3. Karatbars will book your flights from anywhere in the wolrd to arrive in our Hong Kong office on 7th September.

4. Karatbars will pay for your accomodation too

5. You will get to see the first 100kg+ of gold going into the vault. This is the gold that is going to back each KBC coin with 0.1g of physical gold

6. You will get to meet the CEO and Founder of Karatbars International, Mr Harald Seiz!

There really has never been a better offer in cryptocurrency! Diversify just €8k of Bitcoin into KCB, get a trip to Hong Kong, get the KCB coins and be a witness to one of the biggest events in Crypto!

More Info On KCB Coin

The KCB (Karatcoin Bank Coin) is a next-level ERC20 ethereum-based cryptocurrency, newly issued by Karatcoin Bank, Miami.
KCB works both as foundation and gateway to Karatcoin Bank‘s complementary features to the KaratGold Ecosystem.

As of August 1st 2018, KCB fulfills two fundamental tasks:
Performing the core services of the first fully licensed crypto bank and serving as the backbone of KaratGold’s global payment and banking system.
Now take the chance to be a first adopter on the next big step in the crypto business and see our special conditions.
Basic price is 14 cents per coin. But YOU will benefit from the following package bonuses, depending on the value of purchase:

from  €  150  up to  €1,499  30% tokens on top!
from  €1,500  up to  €4,499  40% tokens on top!
from  €4,500  up to  €7,999  50% tokens on top!
from  €8,000  up to  €~  60% tokens on top!

Tokens will be credited to your account/wallet automatically.

Buy any amount over 8k and you qualify for the free trip to Hong Kong with accomodation. It really can’t get much easier than that.

I have been with Karatbars International for over five years and there really has never been a better offer.

You don’t need a team, you don’t need to recruit, you can just come in new, buy the KCB and get the trip! Easy!

When you have made your purchase someone from Karatbars will be in touch to arrange your flights and accomodation.

If you have any questions please get in touch with me below.

See you in Hong Kong!!


Brian McGinty

Karatbars International

USA Office +1 917 477 7403

UK Office: +44 (0) 2891 871 374

Mobile/Cell/Whatsapp:+44 (0) 7511650427