Karatbars Update

Here is where we are up to.

The entire Karatbars ecosystem is linked so in order to proceed with X then Y needs to be finished. You cannot paint the walls until the plasterer is finished, you cannot put in the sink until the plumbing is finished … You get the idea!

Right now we are just waiting for all the IT databases to be finished so they can be integrated into the various new parts of the business such as the information business app, the wallet app, new corporate videos, landing pages and the crypto exchange.

The drop in cashgold price will also happen when everything is done.

Also, like it or not, August is summer holiday time in Europe so things do slow down and that is quite normal.

The only thing that has been delayed by a third party is the Coinsuper listing. We cannot control that and their IT people to add KBC.

In any case it is our own exchnage which will drive up the price of KBC, Coinsuper will help but its not the most important thing.

New Karatgold Coin Affiliate Link 

A new affiliate link has been created for KCB. Affiliates were asking for a link to send to “Crypto only” people.

You can find it in the back office of www.karatgold.sg under referral links.

It looks like this – https://affiliate.kcbank.io/?s=premierteam


Autosave is also delayed due to the IT issues so if, like me, your autosave has not happened this week/month just login in and buy manually.

I have made a short tutorial for you to show you how to do that.


My personal view on all this is IT work is that I am glad it is all being done in August which is our quietest month of the year!

Which brings me nicely to some great news I don’t think everyone is aware of…

Busiest Months Of The Year 

I have been in direct sales for over twenty years and September/October/November have ALWAYS been my busiest months in every company.

My biggest earning months in Karatbars have been September/October every year.

If you started in July/August and you found generating business difficult you will find September/October is like running down a hill!


The holidays are over, parents of four year olds will now have free days between 9am – 3pm with nothing to do.  Parents with children who have gone off to university will be the same.

People will have retired in June/July/August and will have enjoyed the summer before looking for a new home business to keep them busy!

In the northern hemispere the dark evenings are starting and people are indoors with nothing to do! A home business is a perfect way to fill their time.

Many people simply realise that Christmas is coming and they go looking for a home business to help pay for it!

Whatever the reasons… Now is the time to make a lot of money in direct sales because people are looking for a home business like no other time of the year!

So forget about the results you acheived in July/August becuase they mean nothing compared to the reulsts you will acheive going forward.

Just give the days ahead the same enthusiasm as you would have on your first day and you will see the difference.

New Affiliates Are Excited  

I have been speaking to lots of new affiliates and they are super excited by everything that is happeneing. Lots of new people are coming into the business every day amazed by what we have acheived so far.

“Old” affiliates are doing what I advised them not to do and are sitting watching the KBC price and waiting for it to rise. In many previous newsletters I stated clearly that I will be judging it after twelve months.

The KBC price will rise but I don’t think that will happen until at very least we have our own exchange up and running in October.

Here is the important part everyone must remember, new or old 

I did not join Karatbars to buy a crypto coin. 

I joined Karatbars because I wanted to accumulate free gold and enjoy a huge passive weekly income. (My upline was and still is earning six figures per month). 

I joined because Harald Seiz was honest, gold was a real product and companies like Fedex and Mastercard were associated. 

I joined because I saw a video which taught me about inflation being a secret tax and that gold was the only true money. 

I joined Karatbars becuase I realised that if I helped enough people save and help themselves I could also free myself and my family. 

Here were my exact thoughts on June 12th 2013 

If I help one person save 1gram of gold this week I help them turn bad money into good and I make about €3!

If I help one million people do the same I will make €3 Million euros per week.

There are billions of people on earth who use paper money so lots of people I can share my video with.

Thats the business and nothing has changed about that.

Thats my focus, it was in 2013 and is the same today.  

Help Someone Get Started Today

Regardless to KBC, KCB, Wallets, Exchanges your Karatbars business allows you to make money today and be paid next Friday.

Someone you speak to today is not interested in KBC or it’s price. They want you to help them build a passive income.

Lets take an example of how easy this can be…

You are a VIP and ask John to watch your five steps to freedom video and he decides to buy a VIP Package!

(People copy their sponsor!)

You tell him to use a gmail to register and advise him to use Google chrome on a pc when making purchases.

You give him €100 discount and show him how to order his package, Mastercard and make his first gold purchase.

He can pay with credit/debit card, Bitcoin or bank wire.

His first payment probably gets blocked by the bank so he has to call them to get the block lifted so he does it again.

He uploads his KYC and it gets declined so he has to do it again. The picture was blurry or something. He gets approved second time.

You email me to get him added to the newsletter and to create his replicated page.

You explain to John that he should not wait for the package and start sharing this video IMMEDIATELY as the package can take 2-6 weeks to arrive depending on how busy HQ is.

**Having the physical package makes no difference. I built my team of 17,000+ completely online without showing package contents to anyone. 

His business is activated immediately, he can earn today and get paid next week.

John gets the following…

1 x 0,1g Cashgold
1 x Image Brochure
1 x Pin
1 x Gold Brochure
40 x Profit Card
4 x K-Exchange Brochure
3 x 1g Classic Card
4 x Branding Card Brochure
4 x Sticker K-Exchange
1 x Presentation
1 x Compensation Plan
1 x Study

1,840 € = KaratCoinBank Coin at €0.14 cents per coin. 

Tokens will be credited to his account/wallet automatically.

The VIP Package will generate units and comissions and will automatically enter you into the Dual System and increase your Status in the Uni-level System to the Bronze Supervisor status.

Within the Dual System he will earn:

20% Direct Commission
80€ per Cycle and generate 100 Units for his sponsor/upline.


As a VIP you would earn approx €400 direct commission, up to €100 in unilevel depending on your rank and if John is on your leg with less units you get  four cycles which is another €360

Plus an ongoing weekly, monthly passive commission from Johns regualr saving!

Over €700 for asking someone to watch a video…

People tell me it’s not that easy…. Ok… So…

Lets say it took you 10 hours and you spoke to over 50 people before you found John..

Thats still €70 per hour ( €700 divided by 10 hours)

Thats €14 for every no someone gave you! ( €700 divided by 50 no’s!)

My two questions are?

1. Are you prepared to listen to a few nos for €70 per hour this week?

2. Are you prepared to work hard for a few months now so that you don’t need to work at all in twelve months time? 

If I divide my earnings by my hours worked last month I am on over €3000 per hour now!

Thats the power of the Karatbars business and that should never get lost with all the interest in Cryptocurrency.

For me, in the the short to medium term Crypto is speculation. I know 100% my Karatbars business works and is reliable, that will never change.

Buying my VIP in 2013 was the single best financial decision I have ever made. Yes I worked hard in the beginning sponsoring and building a team but I now live on the residual income that that initial work has created for me.

My only “job” now is helping people get to where I am as quickly as possible.

I teach only three things and I am focused on three things

1. How to register

2. How to complete steps

3. How to share video

If you can do those and teach those you will make a huge weekly, passive income.

There are millions of people out there who hate going to work, who hate communting, who never get to see their children or can’t get ahead in life.

We have the solution and its and easy to follow system anyone can follow. I know because I live and breath it every day.

If they want to take some earnings and buy KCB coins with it great but that is not their passive income they came for… We must remember that.

Watch the video again now HERE and if you have not completed your steps get them done.

If you have not asked anyone to watch your video recently get started doing it again today.

Get excited about the fact we are now entering the busiest time of the year and that by helping people get their business package and save in gold you can become free.

Focus on that and all the crypto stuff can happen in it’s own time. Harald Seiz always does everything he says he will, if not in the timeframe he hopes!

Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

I am in the office from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. BST (UK/Ireland Time)

*Email is best as I can work through them in order. brian@globalgoldbullion.com



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