What is Karatcoin Bank & KCB Coin? – Harald Seiz & Mr Heit Explain

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The KARATCOINBANK COIN is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency using ERC20 technology. The KARATCOINBANK COIN is the gateway to the KARATCOINBANK WORLD which is complementary to the KaratGold Ecosystem.

While the KaratGold Ecosystem provides for the KaratGold Coin as a CashGold linked payment system, serves the KARATCOINBANK WORLD with the KARATCOINBANK COIN two functions:

Rendering the services of the first full blockchain based and cryptocurrencies related bank which shall become the core of the global cryptoworld banking system;


Execution of treasury functions for the KaratGold Ecosystem and the cryptocurrencies, in particular, safekeeping of the gold and CashGold (including holding the gold mine in Madagascar) on which the KaratGold Ecosystem is based will be deposited with or held (directly or indirectly) by the KARATCOIN BANK.


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