KaratGold KBC Announces Listing On Coinsuper: To Boost Up Its Market Cap

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KaratGold has announced its partnership with Hong Kong-based Coinsuper, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world right now. It is counted among the top 10, and it aims to become one of the top 3 exchanges in the world in the next 5 months.

In order to give a boost to its user base, KaratGold is partnering with various exchanges one after another. After listing itself on CoinMarketCap, it is now the turn of listing itself on Coinsuper. This listing is certainly going to give a leg up to the credibility of KaratGold. Now investors can invest in KaratGold even through Coinsuper.


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With the help of Coinsuper investors can buy and sell cryptocurrency easily. It is a trading and exchange platform where users can trade in various cryptocurrencies as well as crypto and fiat currencies. It is based on Blockchain technology that drives the cryptocurrency trading market throughout the world. Coinsuper also has a very good customer service. So overall this partnership augurs well for KaratGold.

Nevertheless, it is not a one-way traffic. Coinsuper is set to benefit from the soaring popularity of KaratGold too. KaratGold is a cryptocurrency linked to a certain amount of physical gold in the form of CashGold in the KaratGold platform. The increasing popularity of the coin can be gauged from the fact that already 500,000 customers from 120 countries have invested in KaratGold. The market capitalization of KaratGold is increasing since more and more people are investing in it. People are investing in it for value appreciation. However, people invest in cryptocurrency through different cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms. Coinsuper is a very big name in the field of cryptocurrency exchange. It has around 1 million users worldwide. Certainly, KaratGold will find a lot more investors in Coinsuper. In fact, Coinsuper can give a boost to the popularity of KaratGold and increase its demand. As more and more investors try to encash the increasing demand for the coin, KaratGold can increase its market cap phenomenally. A higher market cap can help KaratGold to list its coin in still better coin exchanges. The aim of every coin is to increase its acceptance and value. Only when the acceptance increases, its user base increases. As the user base increases, the value of KaratGold increases.


KaratGold KBC Announces Listing On Coinsuper

The vision

The target of the founders of KBC is to popularize the KaratGold coin as a generally accepted token for electronic payment. It is being promoted as a safe, easy and private payment system. The ultimate aim is to propel the demand for the KaratGold ecosystem, which includes the platform and the token. To do this it needs to be listed on various exchanges. It is the exchanges which promote the currency. Once the currency is listed in a definite exchange it is certain to catch the fascination of the investors. So the founders of KaratGold have envisioned a situation where the one million strong investors of Coinsuper would boost up the demand for KaratGold. The investors using Coinbase may also be enticed by the prospect of a gold standard cryptocurrency, which was not possible so far. That makes it a win-win situation for both KaratGold and Coinsuper.


Benefits of listing KaratGold on Coinsuper are many. The volatility of cryptocurrency is one of the most frustrating aspects of cryptocurrency investment. In fact, investors are afraid of investing in cryptocurrencies because of wild swings in value. The golden period of cryptocurrency trading and investment seems to be over. Investors are witness to wild intraday swings in values of almost all cryptocurrency. However, KaratGold is immune to such wild swings to some extent since it is pegged to a certain value of gold.

Coinsuper accepts bank transfer along with other modes of payment. So investors can buy KaratGold and bank transfer the amount of dollar needed for the transaction. Trading through Coinsuper is also quite safe due to Two Factor authentication. This is a widely accepted mode of cryptocurrency exchange and transaction. This technology allows the user to connect the investors account in Coinsuper to your smartphone. A confirmation is required at every login. Coupled with KaratGold’s mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android, this can give a big boost to transactions in KaratGold through Coinsuper. This makes transactions through Coinsuper safer than many other lesser known exchanges.

KaratGold KBC Announces Listing On Coinsuper

Coinsuper also has very low trading fees. This is a very important aspect of cryptocurrency trading since many exchanges charge large fees for transactions through them. Coinsuper charges just 0.2% for both makers and takers. This makes it one of the cheapest exchanges to make deals through. Certainly, KaratGold can reap the benefits of such low fee to boost up its user base. Coinsuper also does not charge a fee on deposits.

By enlisting in this exchange the founders of KaratGold can measure the strength of KaratGold coin vis-a-vis the other prominent cryptocurrency coins such as Bitcoin, BCH, ETC, LTC, DASH, XEM, OMG etc. Since KaratGold can be exchanged for and traded with every cryptocurrency and fiat currencies throughout the world, the users of Coinsuper must see value in investing in KaratGold. This may also bring all the aforementioned cryptocurrencies in a confrontational stage with KaratGold. Since the value of KaratGold coin is more stable than any other cryptocurrency, people are more likely to buy and store KaratGold. So there is a likelihood that the demand for KaratGold will shoot up. Obviously, this will lead to increased acceptance of KaratGold which in turn can enhance the market capitalization of the company, the ultimate goal of the company.

KaratGold KBC Announces Listing On Coinsuper

KaratGold has the stated plan of becoming a USD 80 million cryptocurrency and exchange company in 2018 itself. It also aims to penetrate 2% of the market and gain a market capitalization of USD 500 million by 2020. This tie-up with Coinsuper seems to be in keepiKaratGold KBC Announces Listing On Coinsuperng with its well laid out plan.

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