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News From Karatbars International Headquarters 

Our sister company, KaratGold calculated a very precise business plan when it launched its first coin (KBC) in the Crypto markets. The KaratGold coin is a huge success and we are proud to announce that KaratGold has reached the maximum amount of coins available. Over 12 Billion coins were released in February and in 4 short months KaratGold is now all but out of KBC – KaratGold Coins. The success of KBC coins would not be possible without each of our affiliates worldwide who helped to make history with the KBC coin. KaratGold created a solid foundation from which we can jointly now take the next logical steps towards the end goals in all companies’ digital strategy. The KBC coin is now listed in multiple crypto exchanges which has established and proven our commitment to the KaratGold Eco System as well as KaratGold’s crypto market strategy.

Because of the limitations of the traditional banking systems alongside new opportunities created by crypto currencies and the blockchain technology, an alternative independent system seems necessary. Karatbars and KaratGold feel there is a need for an alternative system which offers the potential of incomparable growth to our business concepts. The next step for our success was the official opening of our fully licenced cryptocurrency bank in Miami on July 4th, 2018. At the event of the launch, our CEO. Mr. Harald Seiz has already announced the upcoming release of our new Coin offering: the KaratCoinBank Coin – short KCB – which will complete our KaratGold Eco System. The KCB coin will complement the KBC coin’s value and help to establish a complete autonomous cryptosystem backed by real assets!

The KaratCoin Bank has a share capital of 100 million USD and is licensed to trade gold from one of the biggest gold mines in Madagascar with a 900 million USD worth. The Karat Coin Bank is the first globally acting crypto service which uses the blockchain technology to the fullest possible extent in order to render its crypto banking services. With the KaratCoin Bank, a list of benefits for all associates in the future can be implemented:

– A Blockchain based payment system
– Exchange system for cryptocurrencies
– Efficient utilization of the gold mine
– Development of the Karat Bank Business – faster and cheaper exchanges for your business
– Better gold prices than competitors
– Smaller transaction fees for the bank accounts with Karat Coin Bank
– Smaller annual fees Karat Coin bank accounts and for the credit cards


We believe the value of the new KaratCoinBank Coin is expected to strongly increase due to our acceptance centres, the number of users involved and the reliability of the KaratGold EcoSystem. Karatbars, KaratPay and KaratCoin Bank will generate fees and those fees will be returned to the bank where the banks net worth will increase causing the KBC coin and KCB coin to increase in value as well.

Therefore holders of KaratCoinBank Coin and KaratGold Coin will not only enjoy protection against inflation and volatile governments and economies, but also have the opportunity to participate in the value increase which will be achieved in the future.
Information about the new Coin Offering:
Ticker Symbol: KCB
Currency Symbol Image: KCB
Price: 1 KCB for US $ 0.14
Down to US $ 0.05 – ONLY for Karatbars Affiliates
Minimum Purchase: 1,000 KARATCOINBANK COINS

A total of 50 billion KaratCoinBank Coins will be created and issued on the Ethereum blockchain protocol using a smart contracts. The price during and after the offering will be determined by market forces and cryptocurrency exchange mechanisms.
The new KaratCoinBank Coin will allow all of us to follow our company’s vision and mission to establish the Eco System that caters the needs of a fully blockchain- and cryptobased system.

The Investments we are looking to fulfil in the future are:

– Establishment and development of our own cryptocurrency
– Establishment and development of our own Blockchain and Blockchain system
– Development of our digital paying system that should be accepted worldwide
– Investment in the KBC Foundation gold mine, Madagascar
– Develop the infrastructure for the utilization of the gold mine
– Development of the necessary technology to have the currency backed up in gold
– Development of Business projects for Karat Coin Bank to increase its value

The new KaratCoinBank Coin will become the vital backbone of the entire KaratGold Eco System and could never have been created without its successful predecessor: the KBC – the coin that wrote history. You all made the success of the KBC possible by taking part in this unprecedented venture.
Tokens for the new KaratCoinBank Coin are already available in your Karatbars and Karatgold back office. Just like with the KBC tokens, we gift you with KCB tokens if you purchase a dual package. Additionally, you will get a 5% bonus code for your next KCB purchase which is valid for your first purchase, starting on August 1st,2018. Don’t miss this big chance!
Thanks to your dedication and loyalty, the KaratGold Eco System stands on firm ground. Let’s continue creating the perfect environment for KaratGold’s cryptocurrencies, let’s continue writing cryptocurrency history.

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Brian McGinty
Karatbars International
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