Karatbars Testimonial By Gigi Field

I have been featuring testimonials from Karatbars Affiliates and today we can hear from Gigi Field from The UK. A fantastic consistent leader in Karatbars and the very first person who registered with me back in 2013!

Read her story below.   You can register directly with Gigi HERE


Best business decision I made

I was introduced to Karatbars International back in 2013. I was already accumulating gold as part of my financial portfolio, so I immediately saw the potential of a global business that provided an opportunity for other people to acquire gold ‘one gram at a time’, which made it affordable to the masses. I quickly grasped the power of the business plan and started sharing Karatbars with others. Not only was I able to continue to build up my own gold reserves, I also began to receive regular income, which not only funded my personal gold purchases, it also began to provide a substantial secondary income.

 My other business interest and passion is my boutique Bed and Breakfast. I really love my life and feel so blessed that I’m able to build Karatbars alongside my very busy schedule. When I can, I love to chat to my guests about my other business interests and how I’ve found an easy way to acquire gold one gram at a time. If they show any interest I simply send them a link to the Karatbars website and let them decide from there. In fact, one of my regular guests actually joined me back in 2015 and he has gone on to build a very successful global business, and all I did was mention I had a gold business.

Karatbank Gold

 It has been amazing to see Karatbars blossom over the years through the visionary leadership of Mr Harald Siez, who is taking this company to a whole new exciting level. His vision has created a non-pressure, very fair business that anyone can build with whatever time they have available.

 This year, 2018, Karatbars launched a Crypto Currency through a hugely successful ICO via Karatbank, which has added another massive opportunity and is in fact one of the very first GOLD backed crypto currencies.

 You’ve heard the term ‘timing is everything’, well I truly believe that now is a fantastic time to learn about gold to secure your future, understand why you want a foot hold in Karatgold Coin Crypto Currency and why YOU need to have another income stream to shore up you financial future.

 Gigi Field

VIP Gold Director


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