Karatbars Review Testimonials

Over the coming weeks I am going to be featuring testimonials from leaders in my group from around the world.

Today I would like to introduce Gary Cramer from Florida in The USA. Take some time to listen and read his words and if you want a great guy to join Karatbars under I can highly recommend him!

Garys Karatbars affiliate link is –  HERE

My name is Gary F Cramer and here is my review of Karatbars International as well as KaratGold coin and the KBC AP.

I have been self employed making my income working online for over a decade now. My main focus was local business consulting and helping companies and professionals with all their Internet marketing needs from web design to social media and video marketing my company “Barons Best Consulting” became a full service online marketing company.

The freedom of being self employed and my own boss is why I Started my company. The unfortunate reality is when you run a marketing company you go from having no boss to having multiple bosses with little or no knowledge of how to do what you do.  Needless to say the concept “freedom of being self employed” became an oxymoron.

There just had to be a better way!

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I Joined Karatbars International The Last Week In August 2017

A fellow internet marketer set me a video describing in some detail Karatbars International and I found it very interesting. I decided this was worth some research , as I expect all of you would do, I Googled Karatbars to see what others had to say about the company and marketing plan.

I was impressed right off the bat with the amount of information that  came up about a company I had never even heard of (and I work online). As expected many of the post and articles that appeared in my searches were things “Google” pulled from the company  website and related publications.

The majority however came from customers and affiliates that had nothing but praise for the CEO and founder “Senator Harold Seiz” thanking him for his vision in creating such an incredible concept and making it possible for them to realize their dreams.

Karatbars Review Testimonials

I found it very impressive that a company was in business since 2011 with over 500,000 accounts!  That to me is a company worth joining that obviously takes care of it’s affiliates and customers.


I hit the ground running and was honored at “The Freedom Celebration” In Las Vegas Jan 18th 2018

Karatbars also has some great motivational incentive programs that really “Rock”. Qualifying for the various levels is based on team and personal production.

The qualification period for the Freedom Celebration ran July 2017 through November 2017 and even though I only started working with Karatbars in September I was able to capture a “Top Five in the world spot” This included Tickets to the event 1,500 Euro (around $1,750) spending money, a seat at the CEO dinner with Harold Seiz and was awarded a prize on stage worth another 6,000 euro.

The best part of “The Freedom Celebration” however was not the awards and prizes, it was seeing how truly dedicated the CEO Harold Seiz and the entire organization are to helping people become successful and financially independent.

I made some new friends from around the world as well. The image to the right was taken at the fountain in “Caesars Palace”,  in order left to right shows Brian McGinty (with Karatbars since 2013) Abe Cherian (The dude that got me involved) Me (the plus size guy in a tux) and Joseph Pagano ( one of my guys that had the smarts to travel to the event on his own dime).

Brian and I were in “Black Tie” as we were heading out to the CEO dinner.

Ceasers freedom celebration

The other great thing about attending this event was I got the inside scoop on what is still to come in 2018 for Karatbars, Karatpay , and KBC (KaratGold Coin) the first ever “Gold Backed” Cryptocurrency.

After attending this meeting it was very clear to me I made the right decision to join Karatbars back in August 2017.

So clear in fact I quit doing local consulting and made this my full time career.

I consider myself a team leader and I am willing to help anyone willing to put in the effort to become successful. Karatbars is absolutely a great company to achieve success with.

The fact is by following Brian McGinty’s “Five Steps Video” and putting it into action you can not fail.

Gary F Cramer

Karatbars Affiliate

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