Karatgold KBC Review – 2 Days Left!

**A warm welcome to the hundreds of new people in our group! Over 16,000 in 110+ countries.

Brian McGinty here,

Before I begin with todays exciting news I just want to ask that everyone does these four things which are very important.

1. Under your “profile” please ensure that you have clicked to receive all Newsletters in Preferences, that you have ticked that your referrals can see your information and your Newsletter language preference.


2. Make sure that you contact every one of your personal referrals to ensure that they receive this Newsletter.

3. If someone has not received an activation email, needs KYC apporved or can’t get into an account either you or they should CALL the office to get it fixed. I would only ever email support@karatbars.com or help@karatbars.com if I couldn’t get through by telephone. You should have these numbers in your phone. I use Skype which costs me about £10 per month and I call them many times every day.

EU Support phone number: +49 (0) 711 128 970 00
US/CAN Support phone number: +1 224 829 00 47

4.I would suggest that you only use gmail for your Karatbars businesses and please advise your team to do the same. Gmail never gives problems but we know aol, hotmail, yahoo, btinternet and private domain emails do!

Karatbars are aware and are working hard behind the scenes to find a solution that suits 120+ countries… and it’s not easy! Gmail is a quick fix from our side.

If you don’t have one set one up. www.gmail.com  and it is very easy to forward mail from it to your existing email account.

The Sub 1 Cent Token Offer Is Nearly Over! 

To be 100% clear – At 12pm Central European Time this coming Friday 15th June 2018 the chance to buy KBC tokens for less than one cent will finally end.

The gift ICO tokens will also come to an end!

Applications are being processed for KBC to be added to at least two large exchanges including Hitbtc.

It is not within Harlad Seizs power or Karatbars/Karatgold to speed up the process but it is happening. Hitbtc have already confirmed it on their Twitter feed.

Whether this happens next week or in November is irrelevent to me or to any of us within Karatbars as we want to hold our coins until 24th of December to get our 35% bonus.

The price on Yobit is irrelevant and does not affect us in any way long term. It is a tiny exchange in the grand scheme.

The 35% Bonus

Tokens you have earned as an affiliate or gifted tokens do not count towards the 35% bonus so please remember it is only tokens you have purchased via Bank wire, card, Bitcoin or cashgold.

Please do not be concerened about your 35% if your tokens have not processed yet, that is not important.

Just the date you made the purchase. If you have done the transfer and the cashgold has left Karatpay relax and forget about it.

Are you waiting for tokens to process? 

I have covered this many times but here it is again for our many new readers…The Ethereum Blockchain can only process five transactions per second worldwide, we are getting approximated 3 per minute and hitting daily/weekly limits as it is.

65,000 transactions have been processed but there are thousands more still to do..

Focus on the positive!! We have tens of thosuands of people still buying, interest is not slowing down.

You can see the process happening in real time at  https://etherscan.io/token/0xf3586684107ce0859c44aa2b2e0fb8cd8731a15a

They are not completed in purchase order and none have been or will be will be missed.

Every purchase made using cashgold has been and will be accounted for and I have that straight from the head of Karatgold IT.

Get some coins now 

karatgold kbc

One gram of cashgold costs €59.90 and will get you over 8000 coins!

Even if you only bought 0.2g of cashgold for €11.80 / £10 / $13 you would get over 1600!

Buy what you can afford to and what you can afford to lose. For me the more I buy the more money I am putting into Karatbars, Karatgold and my business.

I now have six million or so coins and I have contributed to the new suport offices, new websites and have invested in the future of my company.

That’s how I see it, thats how I have seen my Karatbars business from day one!

Why is Karatgold Coin KBC so good? 

We have a crypto coin which has a working payment system in Karatpay, a proven team in Karatbars since 2011, a CEO who has never let us down once, AND is being backed by gold so WHY ON EARTH would the public NOT want to buy it when it goes on these bigger exchanges?

They are buying Bitcoin, Ethereum and countless other coins which are backed by hope, a hope that they become useful or that the project eventually works.

Our project is already working and has been working for years.

To use a racing analogy, The Karatbars horse is already a proven winner!

How To Buy Tokens 

1. Login to your Karatbars back office and buy cashgold under product purchase.

2. Register your Karatpay account from your Karatbars back office.

3. Register at www.karatgold.io and do the conversion.

They are three different websites/companies so three separate registrations.

Here is a video I made which shows you how to convert cashgold to tokens.


*For every 0.1g of cashgold you multiply by 56 and press buy and it works out. EG: if you are converting 1gram put 560 in the box as below.

New Sales Opportunities Coming!

The sub one cent offer will end on Friday but Harald and head office have ready new opportunities for us all to make a lot of money from this cryptocurrency boom!

Sales have exploded and we want this to continue!

If cryptocurrency is the way to introduce millions of people to gold ownership thats what we have to focus on.

We are going to make the process of converting fiat currency to gold to cryptocurrency to cashgold and back again simple for people all around the world and our own exchange will make this possible!

New 15 Minute Video Is Getting Results

Its only taken me five years to find what seems to be the magic video formula for Karatbars!  You can’t say I give up easily!

Bronze, Silver, Gold and VIP and Premium package sales have exploded and the amount of people completing their steps and savings have increased dramatically.

More regular savers is what is important! 

If I have one customer saving one gram per week I make €3 per week as a passive weekly income.

If I have one thousand customers saving 1 gram per week I make €3000 per week as a passive weekly income.

Karatbars is simple.. I think maybe all of us made it too complicated in the past.

This new video helps people understand this and show them how to get started quickly.

If you have not see the video watch it now at www.thismightbeofinterest.com/presentation

If yout want a free personalised version send an email to brian@globalgoldbullion.comwith your karatbars username and full name.

See my last Newsletter for tips on how to best use it!

If promoting Karatbars has not worked for you in the past try this video and see the difference!

karatgold kbc

Big Day Friday!

Thats all for today! Friday is going to be another big day for us!! I think you will be super excited to see what is coming!

Please let me know if you need any help with anything. I am in the office from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. BST (UK/Ireland Time)

*Email is best as I can work through them in order.



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