Karatbars Five Steps To Freedom Plan


**A warm welcome to the many new affiliates/customers in our group! Over 16,000 in 110+ countries.

Brian McGinty here,
Tomorrow I celebrate five years with Karatbars International!

Five years building ONE business!
Five years with ONE source of income!
Five yeasr of dedication to ONE goal!
Five years of commitment to ONE company!

I think you will see a clue to why it has worked so well for me in each sentence.

I will forever be grateful to the man who called me up and asked me to watch a Karatbars presentation. He changed my life and my familes life forever, possibly for generations.


Karatbars Five Steps To Freedom Plan

It was not easy…

The first year was the hardest by far and as each year has gone by it has become easier and easier.

For the first year people wanted to ask me a thousand questions about the business, now people just ask me to tell them what to do!

There is no shortcut to a reputation, it takes time.

When you are new at any business people want to know they can trust you to do a good job for them.

When people can see you have already been commited for two/three/four years those questions are never asked.

People only see my success now

I now live in a beautiful victorian house, my family want for nothing and I choose to work 9am – 5pm because I want to help people get to where I am….Not because I need the money.

I earn thousands per month in passive income whether I work or not.

I am going to Canada for a months holiday in July because I can and I don’t need anyone’s permission!

I have developed a team system that duplicates easily without anyone needing to talk, explain or sell anything.

This is acheiving true time freedom for myself and my team.

What people do not see is the 16 hour days I put in in 2013/14, the thousands of calls I made asking people to watch my presentation, the thousands of times I was rejected, told no, its a scam.

No one see’s the money wasted on solo ads, email marketing, buying lists, Facebook ads, creating websites, pages, etc etc etc trying to find a shortcut to success!

They don’t see the weeks where I made zero commissions, couldn’t sleep with worry but kept going knowing that my work would pay off long term!

Or the fact that we didn’t go out or on holiday for a whole year, I gave up smoking and alcohol, buying clothes etc so I could put 100% into my business.

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Karatbars Five Steps To Freedom Plan

The Good News

The good news is that you do not have to spend five years trying to get to where I am today. If I knew then what I know now I could do it all in twelve months!

If you want to have a large organsiation by this time next year simply follow the steps below and failure is mathematically impossible.

Some of it may take you out of your comfort zone.. But nothing good was ever acheived from inside a comfort zone.

It does not matter who you are, your income, background, country etc.. I have designed this plan so anyone can do it.


Simple System

1. Watch this 15 minute video – http://www.thismightbeofinterest.com/presentation

2. Complete the five steps as explained in the video.

3. Find five people to watch your replictaed video and copy the steps.

1 & 2 can be completed by ANYONE with €200 available on credit/debit card/bank wire/Bitcoin plus a recent utility bill, bank statement and an ID for KYC.

The reason that people don’t complete step 3 is that they think they cannot find the five people to copy them.

Whether you think you can or think you can’t you are right so the first thing to do is think you can! I know you can even if you don’t.

Karatbars is also not a heath or beauty treatment so you are not looking for fat people to make skinny or ugly people to make beautiful!

Its not some new company, (80% of new companies fail within 2 years), .. Karatbars is established and has created many millionaires since 2011.

You are looking for people who are over eighteen in 120+ countries who would like more money, less debt and more time freedom

If I went out and stopped ten people walking past my house, how many of the ten do you think would fit into that category?

Stop Selling Karatbars – Sell The Presentation

Remember that no one who ever bought a drill wanted a drill! They wanted a hole!

No one joins Karatbars because they want gold, they want the money that Karatbars compensation plan offers, passive income and the finacial security that gold brings.

Karatbars is the drill… Freedom is the hole. Stop talking about Karatbars and gold.

Your short term “job” if you like is to ask people to watch a video… Let the video do the selling.

If you don’t like the video thats not important. The important thing is that it works and is working and getting results across the world.


Karatbars Five Steps To Freedom Plan

You can imporve your chances

The best way to guarantee success in finding your five is to monitor your results.

When I started I aimed to ask 20+ people very day to watch my presentation. I had no money to even make telephone calls so had to get creative and use facebook messenger and skype. I found a solution for every problem.. and there were plenty!

Asking 20+ a day guaranteed that I would get at least three to watch it.

Only real conversations with real people in real time ever got me results. I sent messages, emails posted links etc and it was all a waste of time.

Here is a grid I used where I filled in the name of EVERY person who committed to watching the video. Print it off or do a Google search and print one off.

3+ per day will give you 100+ per month and out of those you statistically are guaranteed to find 5+ active partners who will complete the steps.


Sales is Not Luck

There is nothing lucky about sales. Its doing the same repitive thing over and over again WITH ENTHUSIASM until you get to where you want to be.

“Hi xxx.. I’m launcing my business today and need five people to help me. Can you watch this video now and let me know if you are in?”

“Hi xxx, I’m launching my new business and need five people to help me, I have three and have two spaces left. Can you watch this 15 minute video and let me know if you want one of the two remaining places?”

Speed, speed, speed.. If you don’t sound in a hurry they won’t be! If they say “whats it about” just say “I don’t have time to talk I have more people to call, its all in the video, let me know if you are interested”

In almost every case where someone has failed in Karatbars they simply have not asked enough people quickly enough.

“If it is so easy Brian why do most people fail?”

Here’s the catch!!

Getting rejected by somone is hard! It is biologically HARD. In human evolution rejection by your group meant certain death which is why our brains still react to it so badly.

This is why people will send 1000 emails, or post 10,000 links on Facebook rather than lifting the phone and asking someone to watch a video..

Or when they do will avoid calling them back to see what they thought!

So now you know why people are not quitting their jobs all over the world to do network marketing! Their brains are telling them not to!!

Now you know why all these marketing “gurus” are making fortunes showing people how to avoid rejection.

This is why the like button on Facebook is so powerful and why everyone addicted to Facebook, seeing a like releases dopamine into our prehistoric brains!

On the flip side.. If your brain is on the OCD/ADHD spectrum or you had a tough childhood, bad life experience you are probably going to do great at Networking because you don’t CARE about or have become IMMUNE to rejection.

3% of the population have ADHD genes and without these people mankind would never have survived, explored or moved continents. They were/are the risk takers.

In my case I was bullied rally badly at school so someone telling me Karatbars is a scam wasn’t the worst thing i’ve had to deal with!

Moral of the story

The reason why you are doing this needs to be stronger than the many reasons which will put you off. You need to understand that the rollercoaster of feelings you are having are natural and just need to be managed.

I prefer to tell people the truth and prepare them for the reality rather than giver anyone false hope. I just want to set realistic expectations for you so will hear my voice in your head when the things in the picture below happen…


The Karatbars Month Starts Now

Now you know what to expect lets make the next thirty days life changing. The Karatbars month starts today so get off to a fast start.

Declare it…

Send me an email and tell me that you are going to get at least 100 people to watch the video in the next 30 days. Tell your spouse, partner or dog! Don’t just think it, say it.

Mental tip to help with rejection / time wasting.

Imagine you have 100 scratch cards to scratch and you know there are 5 winners. You just keep scratching until you win.

A “no” or negative response is a losing ticket – If you have a losing ticket you don’t keep scratching to try and turn it into a winner.

Anything other than “i love it”, “This is briliant” to my ears is a no, thanks for looking, next.

There are thousands of Brian McGintys quietly wishing and praying for a company like Karatbars to come and save them.

You absolutely must belive that and trust in that. When the right person watches the video you will not be able to hold them back.

I watched the video, I got it, I started and have never stopped for five years. I didn’t need convincing or asking twice.

I remember thinking…

Solid two year old company, can see inside the office, can see the owners face, partnerships with Fedex and Mastercard, product was gold, paid every Friday, one off payment for package, no monthly fee’s, unlimited income, in 60+ countries..just ask people to watch a video.. Yes please, perfect!

How to find unlimited people to ask

Watch this video which will show you how to find unlimited people to talk to. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJBB8lFn3Yw

And this free tool as mentioned in the video. https://networkmarketingpro.com/memoryjogger/

Thats it…Everything you need to be successful in the next 30 days.


Time Freedom

The best thing about everything above is that everyone you bring into Karatbars can copy this simple system and when they do you will not only have a passive income but time freedom too.

There are leaders in Karatbars who make more money than me but they don’t have a time freedom system.

If you want to spend ninety hours a week speaking to people, doing webinars, Facebook lives, meetings, answering questions feel free to copy them and their systems.

That just sounds like a well paid job to me and I won’t be teaching that to anyone.

I hope you enjoyed this extended update today and hope you have got something from it.

Please let me know if you need any help with anything above. I am in the office from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. BST (UK/Ireland Time)

*Email is best as I can work through them in order.

**If you need help with admin/kyc queries the Karatbars support teams are up and running again and their numbers are at the top of this Newsletter. Don’t emaill support, call them.. It will save you and them a load of time.



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