Karatgold KBC Karatbars News Update


*A warm welcome to the hundreds of new people in our group! Over 16,000 of us now in 110+ countries.

Brian McGinty here,

                                Can I keep saying “urgent news” “major updates?”.. It feels a bit repetitive but EVERY day brings more major events and updates.
If you have not registered for a Free Karatbars account you can do that HERE  and Karatgold account HERE

Major News Updates
1. Re: In progress orders.. I got a definitive reason from IT on why they are taking so long to complete and the answer is fantastic.. I just wish they had told us a few weeks ago. I have asked them to post this on The Facebook page and to send it out as a Newsletter. Most people, including me, didn’t know this! (We are all learning)
“You participated in the most successful ICO in history because got more than 40 000 purchases of tokens in last days of token sale. That lead to overloading of Ethereum mainnet wich has a limit of transactions per smart contract per unit of time. You can see that it sends 3-5 transactions per minute and unfortunutaly it doesn’t depend on us: https://etherscan.io/txs?a=0xf3586684107ce0859c44aa2b2e0fb8cd8731a15a
ALL our investors will get their tokens, it’s 100% guarantee because ALL transactions were sent to mainnet and Ethereum now confirming it. It goes not so fast as we wanted but it’s the bug-feature of Vitalik Buterin’s invention”
2. You can still buy tokens for under 1 cent using cashgold. (At the time of writing this newsletter!)
Harald is leaving this open for as long as he can because he wants to help as many Karatbars affiliates as possible. If you don’t know how to buy tokens with cashgold here is the video –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAVfuDyFTi8&t=2s  *Multiply the unival figure by 56 and put that number in the Euro box.
I know many of you don’t know Harlad but he wants really cares about every affiliate and customer in Karatbars and he wants to give us every last possible second to buy coins at a sub 1 cent price.
In the grand scheme of seven billion people globally Karatbars affiliates are a small number but you do have a chance to change your life as this window remains open.
3. The new www.karatgold.io website is live!
Read the New Post ICO Whitepaper for the coin and amaze yourself at the information – https://karatgold.io/_files/karatgold-whitepaper.pdf
4. The PWC AUDIT on the gold mine has been released and is on the website –  https://karatgold.io/_files/audit.pdf
This clearly shows that the amount of gold per coin gives each coin a value of $1.32 (See below)
And yes..(Has the penny dropped)…. You can still buy them for less than 1 cent with cashgold!!
karatgold kbc

Karatgold KBC Karatbars News Update

It Gets Better…

  • Harald is currently in Hong Kong and he is going to make an announcement that is going to make the world sit up and take notice! (Trust me!)
Please make sure you are plugged into the Official Karatbars Facebook page for his updates… You really won’t want to miss this or the many more to come.
  • Karatgold have just released and excellent new marketing video. It really shows the new standard of the promotional tools that will be used across the whole company from now on.
  • Karatgold is currently running on the Ethereum blockchain but by the end of the year we will have our own Protocol / Blockchain
  • We are going to have our own cryptocurrency exchange that will accept cashgold as payment! Just think about that for a moment. If people can get a slightly better price using cashgold it will drive huge numbers of sales through our Karatbars business! Harald already has the licence for this exchange and it will be designed to suit the Karatbars family in terms of getting money in and out.
  • The world tour planning is under way! 20+ cities between June and October from Europe to Canada, USA, South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia! This is going to unlike anything ever done before by any company and major leaders will be attending all events.
  • New 24/7 support teams, KYC approval processes, new marketing materials are all being set up/produced for Karatbars, Karatpay, K-exchange and Karatgold. This will be introduced over the few months.

karatgold kbc

Karatgold KBC Karatbars News Update

Convert the Casgold
Lets Imagine you buy 1 gram of cashgold today. It will cost you €60.06 and you will get 200 gift tokens just for buying it.
If you decide to keep your cashgold and the coin gets to $1.32 you will still have your cashgold and gift coins worth €264! ..Not bad for a €60.06 spend!
**Gift ICo tokens will be transferred later in the year. You need to add your Ethereum Wallet number in your profile – https://www.karatbars.com/members.php?page=editinfo
Look below at how many coins you get for buying and selling cashgold, business packages or introducing Kexchanges! As the price of the coin rises buying Karatbars products is going to start looking very very attractive!!
Be under no doubt about how easy this is going to make growing your Karatbars business.. If it hasn’t already!

Karatgold KBC Karatbars News Update

Convert the cashgold to tokens/coins

If you decide to convert your 1g of cashgold to tokens you go to Karatgold..

Enter 560 into the Euro box which will give you 8235 tokens.

8235 x $1.32 (presumed price) = $10,870
Not bad for €60.06!  
Yes this is all speculation and I have no idea what is going to happen but what I do know is that Harald Seiz has done everything he said he would since 2011 and we have an official audit from PWC telling me we have $1.32 of gold of every KBC coin.
Considering no other Cryptocurrency on earth has anything close and I see Bitcoin, Ethereum etc valued at hundreds and thousands of dollars/euros while backed by nothing I’m sure we can pass $1.32 and much higher.
This is just my opinion and everyone has their own risk threshold.
Buy as many as you are happy with and that won’t cost you any sleep thinking about!

Karatgold KBC Karatbars News Update

Harlad said he wants to change our lives, he wants to create millionaires inside the Karatbars family. He has left this window open for as long as possible but it won’t stay like that for much longer.
As soon as it starts to rise he will have to increase the cashgold conversion price so it tracks the exchange price. Could be tomorrow, could be next week.
Read the new whitepaper, get your cashgold converted and keep a close eye on https://www.facebook.com/karatbarsinternationalofficial/ for Haralds official updates from Hong Kong!
Its going to be another big week…
Brian McGinty
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