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For some time now, there has been a new, innovative way for investors to invest in both gold and a cryptocurrency. The Karatgold Coin is a hybrid that combines the positive properties of Ethereum and gold in a single investment. While Ethereum, for example, is mostly used for online speculation and gold is stored in deposit boxes, the Karatgold Coin is a real means of payment, behind which is a real asset.



Avoid low savings interest, risky speculations or focusing on the gold rate alone. You can invest profitably, opt for a means of payment with future prospects and become acquainted with a new currency, the Karatgold Coin. This product is a possibility that offers you the same advantages in trading on stock exchanges as when paying. Every Karatgold Coin is set against a real gold value, which you can use to hedge your investment and which you can exchange at central banks at any time. More and more acceptance points offer you the possibility of making payments or exchanging the coin for cash or in gold. Here, you can assume worldwide acceptance, as well as simple and cost-free conveyance.

If you have previously considered the relative advantages of Ethereum and physical gold, you can have access to both investment opportunities in one with a Karatgold Coin. You opt for a crisis-proof currency that is based on the gold rate, but is nevertheless flexible and not static. You preclude pure speculation on the Internet, as the coin is set against a value in real gold.

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  • Cashgold represents a certain weight in gold.
  • You can trade the Karatgold Coin, use it as a means of payment and exchange it for money or gold.
  • Its worldwide acceptance allows you to remain capable of acting at all times and everywhere.
  • As with cryptocurrencies in general: political and economic crises do not affect their rate.



Even if the prices of Ethereum and Co. decrease, the Karatgold Coin will remain stable. Through the gold weight it is set against, you are on safe ground with your investment. Even if the price of gold falls, you will not have to reckon with a loss of value. The reason: the coin – although not static – is coupled to the market price of gold. The digital currency will gain in importance and establish itself as a world-wide investment.

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