Getting Started With Karatbars

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Brian McGinty here,


Hundreds of new people in our group in the past few weeks so here is a quick recap on how to get your business started.


Follow this exactly and you will be well on your way to a fantastic, passive, weekly income.


1. Complete the five steps on your dashboard.


Just click each picture and follow the simple instructions. There are now videos accompanying each one!


Step 1


Packages start at €125 / $150 so something for every budget. Start at any level and upgrade by paying the difference.


If you want to know what you get in each one and the benefits watch this video i made which explains.  –



Step 2


KYC – (Know Your Customer) This is international regulations, (not Karatbars being fussy). Your ID proves you are over eighteen and who you are. Your address document proves you can accept mail at your address.


Two clear colour pictures showing the whole ID/document. Use your phone if you like. Upload one in each section.


Here is a short video I made which explains it further –

Step 3


Order your Mastercard so you can, a. show it to people and b. Get your commissions every Friday. Please don’t fall into the trap of “waiting until” you earn commissions before you order it. That only shows that you have no faith in either yourself or the company. All five steps are vital to your success for reasons you may not even have thought about. Having that card in your wallet will inspire you to get it loaded!



Step 4.


Set up your autosave. You can save €50 per month, 1g per month, 2.5g per fortnight, 5 g per month.. Its completely flexible. Not only is it flexible but you can cancel it at any time or change it.


Save at least 1g per month for twelve months and you can start to earn free gold too!


Step 5


This is where you start to learn your business and find your landing pages to promote.


Karatbars or any business is about learning everything about your business so that if someone asks you a question you know the answer… or even better..Where the answer is!


Click all the links in step 5 and watch the videos.

How Much Do You Want To Earn?


The more people who buy gold/packages/products in your organisation every month the more you will earn.


Please understand this about Karatbars as it makes the business different from typical MLM’s and Network Marketing


I could go and lie on a beach in The Caribbean now for twelve months and my income will NOT BE AFFECTED!


I can take, today, tomorrow, next week off and I will still be paid next Friday and the following Friday and so on.


I don’t have to do any personal sales, pay anything to Karatbars, attend anything or even log into my account.


My income would actually increase while I am on that beach because my team is growing by itself!  There is nothing I can do to stop the growth.


I have a right and left team in Karatbars


25 units on one side and 50 on the other and I earn €80 every time. I have approx 7000 people on one side and 8000 on the other.


Some customers by 1gram, I had a customer on Monday buy 696 grams!


How did I get here?


I worked hard in 2013 / 2014 asking thousands of people to watch a video because I wanted a safe, secure, reliable passive income by the time I was forty! (I was forty three months ago).


I kept asking and adding numbers until it started t grow by itself. Most people say no, most affiliates who start give up… that’s all par for the course. In Karatbars at least they can come back…Which they do!


Its simple mathematics.


Lets say I make approx €4 for every gram of gold one of my referrals buys. In my first week I register one person who sets up their autosave for 1g per week.


1g per week I make €4


100 people doing that is €400 per week


1000 people is €4000 per week


You getting the idea?


50 million adults in the UK, 240 million adults in The USA and Karatbars is open in 125 countries.


Unless you know someone who lives in a country with zero inflation and bank interest rates above 10% then they need to be saving in gold.


What we do is helping every person over the age of eighteen escape from debt by owning an inflation proof asset. There is no reason why you should not be asking every person you come into contact with to open a Karatbars account.

Save Someones Life


I was broke and almost homeless when a friend asked me to watch a Karatbars video in 2013. That next 45 minutes changed my life.


I made more money in the past month than I used to make in a whole year.


Thousands of people hate their jobs, are losing their jobs and want a safe, secure, reliable, low cost home based business and we have it.


Yes you might have to listen to 10 nos to get a yes but you won’t hear them when you are picking out your new car some Monday afternoon in three years time!


Thought for the week


Remember that when you are asking someone to look at Karatbars there isalways a sale!


Either you will sell them the idea of why they should watch the video or they willsell you the idea of why they won’t.


Don’t be the one that gets sold to.





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