Karatbars Review 2018 Plus Karatbank Free ICO Tokens Information

In the following video you can get the latest information from Brian mcGinty. Karatbars VIP business partner since 2013 and Gold Director looking after over 14,000 accounts in over 100 countries.

Learn all about Karatbars, the company, the owner, Mr Harald Seiz, Karatbars products and what it means to become a business partner. If you wish to register all accounts are free, just lcick the button under the video.


Karatbars Review 2018 Plus Karatbank Free ICO Tokens Information

2018 is already turning into an amazing year for Karatbars and for Karatbank. Karatbars mission is to provide affordable gold bullion to the masses and this message is getting out there. <ost people around the world think gold is not something they can afford when it is possible through Karatbars.

Not only can people buy gold but they can also spend this gold in a growing number of businesses around the world through Karatbars K-Exchange.

Karatbars Review 2018 Plus Karatbank Free ICO Tokens Information

How does K-Exchange work?

Do you sell products from a physical store or online?

Are you losing customers online retailers?

How would you like to increase your turnover and potentially earn from every customer who visits your store… Whether they buy from you or not!

Karatbars International have the solution. Founder in 2011 Karatbars have over 500,000 customer accounts in 125 countries selling a wide range of 24kt gold products everyone needs.

In 2017 Karatbars launched a physical and digital payments system called Karatpay and Cashgold which allows customers to pay using real gold in small denominations.

So what does this mean for shop owners?

Any business owner can register and advertise for free on the Karatbars global shopping portal and become part of the K-Exchange community. They can then choose to accept Karatpay and cashgold as payment for goods and services and sell cashgold to their existing customers at a profit.

It gets better..

Shop owners can offer free Karatbars accounts to every customer and can earn commissions from all future purchases made by those customers 24/7.

Free advertising, new customers, increased turnover and a new income stream for your business with no cost or hassle. Register at www.kexchanges.com to find out more.


If you have any questions on anything above or in the video please get in touch with me on any of the numbers below.

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