Karatbars ICO – Karatbars Crypto Coin – Kgold

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Karatbars ICO – Karatbars Crypto Coin – Kgold

Karatbars international was founded in 2011 and have been delivering gold every week and month since. Karatbars now has 500,000 customer and business partner accounts in over 120 countries. In 2017 Karatbars released cashgold which is the new payment system which consists of notes embedded with 24kt gold.

Karatbars sell 0.1g to 5gram weights of 999.9, 24kt, gold bars in a wide range of cards and other products. Customers can set up weekly or monthly savings accounts, buy manually at no cost to register or keep the account. The gold is even stored for free for as long as the client wishes.

If the client want delivery they simply make a request and it is delivered by Fedex insured courier.

See more about Karatpay and its release in the video below.


Karatbars ICO – Karatbars Crypto Coin – Kgold

Karatbars International will be releasing details of how you can buy this new coin on the 20th January at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. From then you will know about the whitepaper and how you can get your hands on this exciting coin /tokens.

The news of this ICO is spreading like wildfire though the cryptocurrency industry because here is a long established company with a clear mission and a new coin to take this vision forward.

Karatbars will also be releasing the new Karatbars app on the 20th january so make sure to register so you can get details of that too.

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Brian McGinty
Karatbars International
USA Office  +1 917 477 7403
UK Office:  +44 (0) 2891 871 374
Mobile/Cell/Whatsapp: +44 (0) 7511650427