How to Guarantee A Successful 2018

Brian McGinty here,

As many of you know I have been marketing Karatbars for over four years, I have personally sponsored 1200+ people and our team of 13,000+ is in 100+ countries.

I have tried live meetings, email marketing, solo ads, leafleting, telemarketing, autoresponders, capture pages, buying leads, social media advertising, PPC, posting links, etc etc etc… I think I have tried every marketing technique possible to find a fast way to build my business!

I speak to every other global leader in Karatbars every week to learn the strategies and techniques that work for them.

The great thing about this is that you do not need to waste money, time and effort doing things that don’t work.

So what are my top tips to guarantee success in 2018?

1. Commit

Commit to focus and build your business for twelve months in 2018. The number one reason people fail is they haven’t decided, they have not “put down their flag”, they have not even told their family that they have committed to Karatbars.

Get a pen out and write down these words. “I am going to build a successful Karatbars team in 2018 and secure a weekly, passive, residual income for myself and my family”

The very action of writing it down will have a bigger impact than you realise.  Here is a short video which explains further HERE

2. Act like a six figure earner

Karatbars has made many millionaires and will make many more in the future. If you want to be one it’s best to start thinking and acting like one.

Does your dress, language, actions, Facebook profile reflect a business person?  Does your public images show a happy, successful person?

Would you want to do business with you?

3. Are you clear on your mission?

If you mission is simply to make money you will fail.

If you mission is to teach people about the importance of gold ownership, how they can earn free gold with Karatbars and how they can protect themselves against the financial crash which is coming you will be successful.

If your mission is to open Kexchanges, help shopkeepers create a new revenue stream for their businesses and save them from closure you will be successful.

If your mission is to show people a path to freedom with a safe, reliable, low cost, secure, long term business you will be successful.

I don’t need to write this newsletter, I am compelled to write it because I want to help as many people as possible experience the level of happiness and freedom Karatbars has given me and my family.

My mission is the same as Harald Seiz’s, it must be yours too. Read it over and over until it is your mission too.

4. Plan

If you don’t have a plan you will go nowhere. Start planning 2018 now.

My plan is to build a team of 100,000+ and have successful affiliates, gold savers and K-exchanges in every country.  It’s not that much if you break it down to 100 K-exchanges registering 1000 customers each.

You need to get your head into a space where it can accept big ideas.

Whatever you are planning in your head think bigger.

5. Keep yourself motivated

Sales is 90% attitude and 10% aptitude. You cannot fail if you have not given up. Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear!

These might seem like obvious statements and cliches but guess what they are cliches because they are true.

Be under no illusion… Friends, family, prospects will do EVERYTHING they can to keep you in the position you are in.

Fear of rejection will stop you from making that next call. Rejection will make you want to stop completely. You will want to give up many times and be ready for that.

You must decide now that no matter what anyone says to you, what you read, what you see, if your left arm falls off… Nothing will stop you from completing your mission.

Do not try to motivate yourself without help

Go to youtube and subscribe to these channels Eric Worre, (professional networking training) Tony Robbins (self improvement), Bob Proctor(Mental training)

If you complete steps 1 to 5 will be 90% of the way towards having a successful 2018.  Most people fail in sales because they start selling without having their mind right first.

A house built on sand won’t stand up very long!

So lets get to the practical stuff.


6. Complete your 5 steps on the dashboard

Login and complete the five steps in order. It will take you ten minutes.

Don’t miss a single one out. It will take you just ten minutes.  Do not move on to step seven until they are done.

If you need help get in touch.


7. Minimum Three People Per Day

Imagine your family were all going to die if you didn’t ask three people to watch your presentation today.

You would do it.. Right? Of course you would!

So the problem isn’t that you can’t.. It’s that you are not motivated to or you have sold yourself a reason why you can’t!

When I started I was motivated by hunger, a pregnant wife, and the prospect of not being able to pay our rent.

You need to be 100% sure of WHY you are doing this and find that reason to put up with the rejection, emotions and of course.. “the general public”

EG: Do you want security, a nice holiday, debt cleared, happy retirement, to set up your children, peace of mind even!

Be very clear about your reasons for doing this and three per day will be easy.

8. Who to ask..

At Karatbars International we give free gold savings accounts and a free business to anyone over the age of eighteen in 125 countries.

Even someone in solitary confinement in prison gets to see the people who bring them food every day.

Your mindset must be to ask every single person you see in every situation every day. You are asking them one of two things.

a. To watch a live/record presentation

b. To come to your own live presentation

250 million in the USA to ask… 50 Million in the UK.. How many in your country?

Live daily webinars

Monday – Saturday

5PM CET / 8AM PDT: US Power Call
Call in at 1-712-432-0900 (US phone number), Pin 796827#
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3AM CET / 6PM PDT: CAN Monday Night Team Huddle
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8PM CET / 11AM PDT: US Live Karatbars Presentation
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3AM CET / 6PM PDT: US Live Karatbars Presentation


3AM CET / 6PM PDT: CAN Gold Rush / Getting Started Training


9. Do your own live meetings

This is by far the most effective method of building your business.

You need a package to show people the product, a tv screen and a regular room and time to do it in for twelve months.

EG: – Every Monday in your front room at 8pm, 1st of each month in the church hall at 7.30pm.

Blocking out that time and date for twelve months is the important part. You need to know when it is and so do the people who attend.

Sit people down, and press play on a presentation. If you can press play you can do this.

You need to demonstrate how simple this, not put on The Oscars.

Every person in the room needs to be thinking… “I can do that!”

As the group grows move to a bigger room. Start with one person!

Team Training 

Once you have 100+ affiliates registered with all five steps done I will do a training event for you and your team.

Tell the people in the room that 100 is the target. Give everyone a focus and plan.

I am happy to fly anywhere in the world to support you.

10. Working 100% Online

If you are going to work 100% online be clever about it.

99% of my business has been online and it’s an emotional roller coaster, it can sap your energy and your money if you are not careful.

99% of solo ads are scams, Facebook ads don’t work for Karatbars, your need to send 1000 emails to get one registration, online partners don’t show as much loyalty as someone you have sat and had coffee with.. etc etc..

Focus on the best people in the best place

The most receptive people to Karatbars online are other Networkers.  (The Karatbars comp plan is a dream compared to most MLMs and most are fed up with ever changing lotions, potions and coffee!)

The country who loves Karatbars and gold the most is The USA.

How to Find Networkers In The USA

There are thousands of lead services of which most are selling fake leads. Myself and other leaders have tried dozens if not hundreds of them.

There is one service which not only provides good leads but also gives excellent training on how to approach them.

Its not a snazzy website but it’s honest and low cost.

Please ignore the affiliate part of what they do and focus on the leads. You will make much more from your Karatbars business than you ever could with their affiliate plan.

There are one off $15 and  one off $100 options. HERE

I paid the $100, got numbers to call, called them, people answered and I had some register and become active.

You can’t ask for any more in this business.

Please contact the website owner if you have any questions about the website or how to use it. All the training is provided which is another reason I recommend it.

11. Work

Not everyone likes this step but its essential. Most online “Gurus” never even say the word work but I will! Its not called Netplaymarketing or Netsometimesmarketing. It’s NetWORKmarketing for a reason.


In saying that unlike other Networking companies you only need to do thework part for a short time.


How short depends on how fast you go in the beginning. Ask 300 people a day to watch your presentation if you like.


I aimed for 50 a day in 2013 to get it out of the way fast.


You can “retire” from prospecting as soon as you like. The moment your team starts to grow by itself you can stop looking for new customers and partners.


Its just support then and even if you don’t want to do that I will happily do it for you.


I know a lot of people who got their Karatbars business moving and have disappeared into obscurity happy to take their commissions every Friday.


That’s OK but not my style and I want to help as many people as people.


You only need three good people. To get to the very top of the compensation plan you only need three active affiliates building.


One left, and two right or vice versa. You can put 500 on each side but you only need three to get to 6%!


Karabars has no qualification for you to be paid.


You do not have any personal targets to hit, no volume to do yourself, no forced purchases.


I could go into a coma for a year, my business would still grow and I would still be paid every Friday.


That’s true, passive, residual income and why so many Networkers are joining Karatbars!


There will be even more when you see what is going to be announced over the next four weeks!




A bit of a longer Newsletter today but I hope that you got something from it.


Print it of and go through each part. I really believe that if you follow it you won’t recognise your life in a couple of years time.


If I can do it, starting with nothing but belief, anyone can.


Just never lose sight of the simplicity of what we do..


We save in gold, help others save in gold, we make money and earn free gold!


If you have any specific questions, are thinking about trying something and need advice or just a chat Brian’s counselling service is always open! 🙂


Lets make 2018 your year… Gets your five steps done and lets get going..

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