Bitcoin Price – Buy 24kt , 999.9 Gold With Bitcoin

Many people are checking the Bitcoin price around the world as it has been increasing by the hour. Many Bitcoin owners are now looking for a safe and easy way to turn their profits into tangible assets such as gold. In the video below I explain how easy it is to turn Bitcoin into physical 24kt gold bullion.

Bitcoin Price – Buy 24kt, 999.9 Gold With Bitcoin

I bought Bitcoin when no one was interested which means I have made a lot of virtual money so far. I say virtual because that is all it was until I decided to turn that Bitcoin into something I can use to buy goods and services. Unfortunately with Bitcoin so far it is very difficult to pay for anything with it.

By turning it into Gold with Karatbars I can now keep the gold or spend it in Karatbars K-exchanges. Many people do not realise that gold has increased on average 11% per year for 16 years against the dollar and 12% aginst sterling GBP.


The problem is that the Bitcoin price is moving so fast that exchanges such as Coinbase are having trouble keeping up. No shopkeeper will ever ant to accept Bitcoin as a currency as they could lose 20% in a day. This really means that Bitcoin can not become a method of payment until it becomes less volatile.

Karatbars International provide a quick and easy solution for turning Bitcoin into 24kt, 999.9 gold bullion from just 0.1gram amounts up to 5gram. For a full explanation of how Karatbars works please see the video below.

Bitcoin Price – Buy 24kt, 999.9 Gold With Bitcoin

The price of Bitcoin has been increasing by over 1000% since the start of the year. People are looking for Bitcoin charts, Bitcoin history and Bitcoin volatility and new people are simply asking what is Bitcoin all about? I have friends asking me about Bitcoin who have zero interest in crypto currency simple because they are seeing it on the news.

I personally love the idea of Bitcoin in that it is outside the banking system and everything that it was supposed to represent. What I am worried about is that I am hearing stories about people borrowing money to put into Bitcoin in the hope that it is going to double or treble in value.

I don’t want to see people losing their money, relationships or even their lives simply because they risked everything on one outcome.

We do have a solution at Karatbars to ensure that you can insure against anything bad happening. You can easily turn a portion of your cryptocurrency into gold quickly and easily by simply registering on the website at Karatbars accounts are 100% free and the price you see is your final price.

Bitcoin Price – Buy 24kt 999.9 Gold With Bitcoin

Lets take an example of buying €100,000 of gold today on the Karatbars website.

1. Register on the website
2. Enter a 3% discount code in the submit bonus card section.  (I can supply you with a code)
3. Go to the classic cards section and purchase 368 x 5gram cards –
The total price is  € 87,234.40  minus 3% discount is € 84,617.37  or in dollars today is  $99,800

4. Choose Bitcoin at checkout and pay.

5. When Karatbars receive the funds the 368 x 5g cards will be allocated to the account.
6. The customer can then choose to have it stored in Germany for free or delivered by Fedex.

Bitcoin Price – Buy 24kt, 999.9 Gold With Bitcoin

What are the main difference between buying gold with Karatbars, Karatpay  and buying Bitcoin or another Cryptocurrency?

To illustrate this I have created this chart which shows why Karatbars and Karatpay are to my mind superior to any other cryptocurrency.


Karatbars was founded in 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany and because it operates with 24kt gold you cannot be affected by an It blackout, natural disaster and it is easy to understand for most people. The most important thing for me is that you can see the offices and the people behind the company. This was me and other leaders on a recent trip to Head office.




Bitcoin Price – Buy 24kt, 999.9 Gold With Bitcoin

To finish this post I would just like to congratulate you if you bought Bitcoin and made money with it like I did. I have turned it into gold now and am happy that I now have a physical asset. No just that but one I can spend!

If you need any help setting up your Karatbars account please get in touch with me using any of the channels below.

Register free at and I will send you a welcome email with further details.

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