New Karatbars Countries And More News!

I have just had a great week in Spain and am so looking forward to my 40th Birthday TOMORROW 16th! When I started with Karatbars on 12th June 2013 I was dreading every day!
If this is your first newsletter and don’t know my story…
Four years ago I was living in Portugal, I’d lost my business successful business overnight, lost my three bed villa, my mother and best friend were both dying, (have since passed away), I was completely broke, my wife was ill with M.E and I was living in my friends apartment. I literally had €5 and was out of options.
Out of the blue someone asked me to watch a 45 minute Karatbars presentation and my life changed forever from that day. An established online business with no monthly fee’s, forced purchases and paying weekly was just what I needed!
I am now married to Emma, have four lovely children, (we worked fast!), savings, live in a beautiful house and everything in my life has come from Karatbars. Harald Seiz and the people I have met through the business are genuinely now my family.
Best of all I have passive, residual income and time freedom… I made over €9000 last week and I didn’t even set foot in my office or turn on a computer. In saying that….I earned €26 in my first week in 2013, €50 in my second and worked hard for twelve months.. I wanted to give up dozens of times but I kept going!


How is €9000 possible?
Karatbars is a simple business. If I help someone save 1gram of gold this week I make approx €3…Not a lot you might say.
If I help 1000 people save 1g I make €3000. It is my next target to help 100,000 people save 1g per week. You do the math!
I have customers who spend €5k per month and have had individual orders for over €30K.. Not everyone saves 1g.
There are 50 million people over the age of eighteen in The UK, 250 million in The USA..We are in 124 countries.. 100,000 is not such a big target.
I started with one saver! We all start with one saver.. The good news is that it is much easier now than when I started.
I know people who have had six figure months in Karatbars already.

Unlike owning a normal business, Karatbars take the payments, send out the gold, do customer support and my overheads are almost nothing. (That’s where the time freedom comes in)

Direct commissions, cycle bonuses etc are all secondary to my mission of helping people save.

Start now, don’t give up and make the 2020’s the best decade of your life.. I’ll be here to help you.


News This Week
Since day one Karatbars have always delivered packages in two weeks, gift cards in 2 weeks and classic cards 3-6 weeks. They are all separate processes. Classic cards have a special security process.
In order to speed this up further the company implemented a new IT system (Which has caused some issues), and which coincided with a huge spike in orders. Great for business but bad for deliveries.
Long story short deliveries made at the end of August/September fell behind. People who have been in the company a long time don’t mind but this is unsettling for anyone waiting for their first package or gold delivery.
If this is you or someone in your group we can try to prioritise your order.
If you are waiting for any order or are anxious to get your delivery for a meeting or marketing purpose please send an email to and CC in
Please include your order date and username and they will do everything they can to help you.
The good news is that they are almost back on track and customers ordering from this week on shouldn’t experience any delays.
Christmas Orders – Please also be aware that if you want gift cards by Christmas all orders must be placed by 8th December.
Las Vegas – 20th January – Caesars Palace
Today is the last day to win prizes in the Las Vegas Incentive. Check the pdf on the dashboard to see how many points you have and how many you need to get to the next prize. It is updated in real time.
SIX of our team are in the TOP 20 on the list! From an organisation of 500,000 I am so delighted by what we have achieved as a group!
If you have missed out on free tickets you can still purchase them in the back office. HERE

Please do your best to get there and lets have a great time together.

Nothing you can do will have a bigger impact than attending this event. Nothing will make you more money or give you more confidence in 2018. Attending these events change everything for affiliates.
Friends and Family Special Offer
This has been one of the best offers Karatbars have ever made and so many of you have taken advantage of it. Buy or upgrade to a VIP Package or buy a Premium Package before 28th November and get a free VIP to give away. Its a no brainer for anyone thinking about one of these packages.
P.s It doesn’t have to be a friend or family member.. you can give it to anyone. See the full details in the downloads – Incentive section under the general tab.


New Countries Opened
Recently we have opened Russia and this week we have added Indonesia and Cuba to our list of open countries. Considering we only had 57 countries in 2013 we are well on our way to making Karatbars a global success.
New Videos
In order to keep improving my service to you I have invested a lot of money on a new high powered multimedia computer, hd recording equipment and lighting. I have also ordered a Kexchange pack which arrived yesterday which included an SDNA reader and POS material.
I will be making a video on Kexchange and you will see it at in the next few days. I want to be prepared to open many K-exchnages in 2018. It will be a great way to reach tens of thousands of people.
The K-exchange pdf is in the downloads section by the way. If you know anyone who owns a shop they can register as a k-exchnage for free now!


Don’t Do What Everyone Does
Don’t look at Christmas as some sort of ending point and January as a start. Dates on a calendar mean nothing when you run your own business. Especially in Networking.
I had one of my biggest months last December while the average “networker” was taking time off. Tomorrow, next week, next month or next year cannot be in your vocabulary if you want to be successful.
  • Decide to start today
  • Complete your five steps in the back office today
  • Order your Las Vegas Tickets today
  • Watch the full presentation at today
  • Read your marketing plan today
  • Ask three people to watch the presentation today
Just see how good you feel if you can achieve those steps. Tomorrow you only need to do the last one! Use the memory jogger below to help you get started.
If you don’t have a personalised version of the presentation just let me know and I will make you one.. Today! 🙂 Please remember I update that presentation every week so you need to watch it one a week.
That’s all for this update. Keep logging in and checking the website for updates and please do get in touch. I am always available and glad to help.
P.S. If you ever email/whatsapp/skype/text me and don’t get a response within three hours I probably didn’t see it. Contact me again. I try to reply to everyone within 30 minutes max. 9am – 11pm GMT Monday – Friday. Weekends within 3 hours.
Info below if you want to get in touch.
Brian McGinty
Karatbars International
USA Office  +1 917 477 7403
UK Office:  +44 (0) 2891 871 374
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