Karatbars Review – In 60 Seconds!

A huge thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes on my 40th. I had a lovely spa day and went to see a show last night! If you want to see some pictures click HERE
I even had personal emails from Harald Seiz and the different departments in head office! Karatbars is more of a family of people than a business and that was a nice touch.
Karatbars in 60 seconds?
Yesterday a man asked me if I could explain how Karatbars works in 60 seconds which I thought would be a great topic for today’s Newsletter.
Here are the bullet points I came up with
  • Established in 2011, and based in Stuttgart, Germany. Now in 124 countries with                 500,000+ accounts, a transparent business with offices open to the public.
  • We have long term partnerships with Fedex, Mastercard, Moto GP, Real Madrid FC           and many more.
  • We sell the highest grade of 24kt money grade gold on earth in denominations people       can afford from 0.1g at £6/€7/$8 up to 5g at approx £220 / €240/ $250
  • We give anyone over eighteen a free account for life, free storage or Fedex delivery
  • We have just launched Karatpay which allows an account holder the opportunity to             transfer gold to other people or pay with gold in shops.
  • We allow any shop the chance to accept gold as payment digitally or via our physical         cashgold notes. Shops can register for free.
  • Now everyone can afford to save in gold which has averaged 10%+ per year against         USD/EUR/GBP since 2001 and can easily turn it back into cash if they  need to.
  • Should a customer wish to recommend us to family and friends they can earn                     commissions and free gold. The more they refer the more they earn.
Could I buy a gram of gold cheaper somewhere else? Yes..
Can I buy a gram of gold with better security/resale features for less? No.
Can I buy a gram of gold somewhere else and pay other people with it or spend it in a shop… No
Can I find a 5+ year old, stable company that will pay me thousands of euros a week and give me free gold by helping other people save ..No.
A reputable, established company and a safe affordable way to save in and spend gold.
That is Karatbars in Under 60 seconds!
99% of the population 

Governments and banks have deliberately worked together for the past fifty years to ensure that we the public are slaves to debt. College, cars, homes, credit scores, credit cards and mortgages are all chains to enslave us. Economic slavery is the same as physical slavery as with both you feel you have no choice but to work.
Not one child in the UK , USA and many other countries is taught about the history of money or gold because it has been airbrushed from the curriculum.
It is a fact that 60% of the worlds gold is held by central banks yet less than 1% of the populations of western countries have ever seen or touched 24kt, 999.9 gold.  It is around one in every 1000 now compared to 5% in 1969.
So in the UK for example.. You put your money in the bank, the bank buys gold and gets an average of 12% per year as you can see in the chart above. They give the customer less than 1% interest on their savings.
With inflation at 3% it can only be possible to become poorer every year even if you are saving.
90%+ of people still own bank accounts because they think there is no other option. Now there is.
At Karatbars International we are simply trying to teach the public the facts. We are simply trying to give the average person the opportunity to start saving in something 99% of them have never seen and 99% think they can’t afford.
This is what makes Karabars a difficult proposition to sell!
You have to first correct/reverse 40/50/60 years of incorrect information that person has been fed by their education, banks, government and media.
This is why we always need to show a 45+ minute presentation.
Not only do we allow people the chance to own physical gold but Karatbars has created a way for the average person to be able to turn that gold back into cash if they need to.
In order to educate more people faster Karatbars allow anyone the chance to build a business for free for life. No interview or CV needed.
Yes you can buy a marketing package but that’s a one off cost for life and is optional. If you can afford one buy one but don’t let it stop you can’t.
It is possible to make millions of euros with a free Karatbars account yet most people don’t realise this. I explain how to in my presentation.
1 gram can make a difference
My burning desire is to try and help millions of people find out the truth that saving one gram of gold a week could completely change their life as it has done for me and many others.
I was completely broke and homeless 48 months ago and Karatbars has completely transformed my life. I have savings, gold, residual income, happy business partners and happy customers.
Gold doesn’t make people skinny, we don’t have returns or complaints!
I work when I want which is every day… Because I REALLY want to. I am completely addicted to teaching people the truth about what their banks and governments are doing to them.
I am 100% sure that their is another massive crash coming and owning gold is a lifeboat, security, insurance against what that will mean.
If you are not saving yet start today even if it is just 1gram. 1 gram of gold may not seem a lot but I can assure you it means a lot over time.
Had someone in the UK saved 1 gram of gold a week since 2001 this is how much they would have today! (Below) Had they kept £100 since then it would now be worth £48 due to inflation.
The best time to plant the tree was 16 years ago… the second best time is today!
Lets help some people plant a tree.
Login to your account HERE and get started today.
Have a great weekend… My contact details are below if you need me.
P.S. This weeks quick Introduction to Karatbars is at www.thismightbeofnterest.com/premierteam