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Karatbars Webinars/Presentations

I get a lot of questions about my presentations so here are some facts you may not know. 
  • My weekly webinar is at www.karatbarspresentation.com 8.30pm GMT 3.30pm EST Monday
  • There are live presentations by leaders daily worldwide. If you don’t want to use mine send prospects to one of the others. The list is in the back office under..General…Calendar. 
  • Over 1000 people in 100+ countries have registered with me directly as a result of watching my presentation. (Without speaking to me first) 
  • I update/record a brand new presentation every week so if you don’t watch it regularly you are missing out on valuable information. Things are changing quickly as we roll out new products.  
  • I have been recording these since 2013 and have tried hundreds or formats/lengths etc. 
  • I use Google analytics to study watch time, drop offs, conversions, registrations etc. 
  • I never use a script so no two presentations will ever be the same
  • The presentation is in two parts. 15 minute quick overview with all the major points covered. 45 minutes expanding on those points for people who like more detail.
  • The presentation is designed to cover all demographics in 100+ countries. Each slide speaks to a different target market.
  • The presentation is uploaded to hundreds of replicated pages every Tuesday morning – eg www.thismightbeofinterest.com/premierteam
  • It is also uploaded to my Youtube channel at www.bmcginty.com
  • If two or more people ask me the same question in one week… The answer to that question will be in next weeks presentation. 
  • 90% of people you ask to watch it WON’T. That’s normal. Don’t take it personally.
  • 90% of people who walk into a clothes shop don’t buy anything
  • 90% of people walk past street sellers and don’t buy
  • 90% of people who answer the door to sales people don’t buy
  • 90% of viewings don’t result in property sales 
  • 90% of people who register with Karatbars will give up 
  • 90% of people give up on diets/new year resolutions/learning an instrument. 
Why does anything think Karatbars/online sales is going to be different or easier? 
I was asking 50+ people a day to watch in the beginning to ensure I had five people watching daily.

I was working online with no marketing budget from an apartment in Portugal asking people on Skype/messenger etc.

The easiest, most effective way is to sit with people while they watch the presentation… This way you get 100% of people watching 100% of the video. 
Karatbars UK Training Day - 13th June 2015

The reason 90% of people give up in sales is because they can’t handle the rejection of the 90% 
This is why people will post links, send emails, texts and starve to death rather than lifting the phone and talking to someone. 
It is a biological fact that, for 1000’s of years, rejection from your social group would mean certain death..No shelter, hunger, attack etc.  It is mastering this emotion which defines successful sales people. They are not scared of rejection.  
I was mentally and physically bullied in school… Relentlessly… For seven years. (I was quite small and from a different area and probably a bit annoying! Lol)
Little did I know I was in training to become a Direct Seller/Network Marketer! Someone saying they didn’t want to watch my video or buy my product didn’t seem so bad! I wasn’t worried about a door slamming or someone hanging up.

Moral of the story..
90% of people who say they will watch it won’t, 90% of the ones who watch it won’t register.
If the ratios were better everyone would be handing in their notice and doing direct sales next week. 
Selling anything is not easy if you don’t know the numbers and don’t understand how to master your emotions. Believe me, you will go through twenty emotions in one day speaking to the public and doing commission sales. 
This is why constant communication with me is so important… I know how to handle it and can guide you though it. 
The good news is ANYONE can do it. I have never given up on anyone in over 20 years.

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The Perfect Karatbars Presentation

I was taught many years ago that the perfect presentation should leave no questions. Since 2014 over 1000 people have registered directly under my videos WITHOUT speaking to me first.
Many people register, buy their package, do their steps and then call me to let me know they have done it. This is only possible because the video explains everything. If it didn’t this would not happen.
Sending someone to a presentation NOT done by you is an essential part of growing your business while you have NO REPUTATION.You have to use someone who has more time under their belt.
Its not that they don’t believe you… They would rather hear from someone who has been in the company a few years. 
I did not do any Karatbars presentations for at least a year, I used my uplines presentations and let them answer questions.
If Bill Gates or Richard Branson called me today and asked me to explain Karatbars I would ask them to watch the presentation. Even when you do know all the answers you still MUST use the presentation. 
The video covers in 15 minutes what would take hours on the phone. Describing a Karatbars without seeing it is like describing a barking, green cat.. Most people have seen neither before and only a picture/video will do the trick. 
There are no exceptions in my book… Video first, questions second.. 
I hope this has been useful and gives you some perspective on your efforts. You have only failed when you give up… Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times on the way to creating his lightbulb… I failed 1000 times in 2013/2014 before I found a system and presentation that worked for Karatbars. 
Make sure to log into your account daily and check for updates… The Las Vegas Incentive ends tomorrow!! Still time to win some great prizes.
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