Best Place To Get Free or Buy Leads – Customers For Your Business

Do You Need Customers?

I have always said that the BEST way to build your business is by making a list of people and calling them one by one.
The best way to do it is explained free at (So no point in me recreating it)
Often when I show that to people they say things like…
“I don’t know anyone” .. “I live in the middle of nowhere” or “I’ve burned all my contacts with my last business!” etc…
The Solution?
What you need then is people to talk to!
You will never hear me calling people “leads” and I believe you should dump that terminology. …
They are not leads, they just normal people looking for a decent business where they can earn some income or a decent product at a good price. (We have both at Karatbars)
Think about it..If you open a shop do you call the people who walk past leads?
The minute you start thinking of other people as people you will be on your way to finding customers.
Where can I find potential customers? 
Lets look at the most popular countries for Karatbars which are USA/Canada/UK. (Spain and South Africa are great too but only if you live there)
Focus on where the business is already thriving and established. Where you live is not important in 2017!
Over 50% of my organisation of 12,000 comes from USA/Canada and I don’t live there so where you live is not important.
What you need is cheap/free calls and $10/£10 on Skype will last you a long time! I put about £20 a month on my Skype account and think how many calls I do!
I am in the UK and still user Skype to make UK calls!
Open a free Skype account at (Takes 5 minutes)
If you need help give me a call and I’ll show you how to set it up.

My Recommended USA / UK Services

Buying contacts online is one sure fire way to burn your money and I have personal experience of this. Many companies are simply scams which sell the same contact details to loads of people.
Out of the hundreds I have tested two have given me definite results and I know they are genuine.
Before I give you my recommendations I want to make something clear..
100 contacts is NOT 100 sales. 
  • You take into account how much it costs for the contacts.
  • You contact all the people and share your offer/video.
  • At the end of the month you look at how much you have earned.
Cost V Return  
If I spend $100 on 100 contacts and I have one customer register and make me $150 in commission that is an excellent result.
The beauty of networking is that that one customer has the potential to go on making you money every month thereafter.
Even if you spend $100 and earn $100 that customer has the potential to keep earning you money in the future.
The good news is ONE contact can make you hundreds/thousands of euros in commission with ONE purchase in Karatbars.

USA Service

One USA service supplies great contacts and I was referred to them by a Network marketing leader in The USA. For $15 they give you 100 free contacts to start you off, have a sliding scale for more and ways for you to earn free contacts every day.
They supply you with a contact manager so you can work through your contacts and leave notes. They are EXTREMELY helpful and provide you with lots of great tools.
I paid for the $100 service and have had some great people from it so far.
They even have a service for $97 per month which Guarantees you 100 INCOMING calls per month!
That’s 100 calls to your phone from people interested in your business every month.
Downsides – Personally I don’t like the website. (it looks really basic and old). It is however functional and if the contacts are good that’s all that matters.
They do have an affiliate program which I have no interest in but its the only way I can share the link with you. Focus on the leads side of it as the whole affiliate thing can be a distraction. You will always earn more from your Karatbars customers.
See – for more info.
Please share your results with me and with your own organisation.

UK/Ireland Service

There are many UK companies that provide bogus contacts but one does sell genuine contacts of people who have answered one of their generic “work from home” adverts.
They are currently generating about 3000 enquiries per month.
I bought some contacts last night just to test them before I wrote this today. A lady in Hull watched my video, registered and is starting work today!
They even give you the time, date and advert that the person answered and can supply you with postcode specific contacts if you wish.
This company also give you a contact manager so you can leave notes on each person you speak with.
I know the owner of the company Gary for almost four years now and he is extremely helpful and reliable. Call him if you wish, he will answer the phone!
You account is free and contacts cost from £0.50p. They do have special offers and are giving 50% extra free on postcode contacts. They do bundles of 100 for about £30
Downsides – Some people in the UK just answer adverts to get their benefits so don’t be surprised/annoyed when someone says that! (Strange but true!)
See – for your free account.
Set up your Skype account (If you need to), and register with one/both of those companies and get speaking to some people.
Remember these people have ASKED to be called!
You will get their names, addresses, emails, phone numbers and, in some cases social media contacts.  Lots of ways to contact each person.
What do you say to the contacts?
Something like,
“Thank you for your interest in working from home. If I sent you over a video presentation can you take a look at it and get back to me today?” Should I send it by text, email or do you want to write it down?”

Keep it simple.. The video does 100% of the talking… You are just an introducer.

Calling isn’t forever!
You only have to get some people started… You only need to get momentum growing. I will take care of everything else once you get them registered. Leave answering questions, support, newsletters and all that to me. You go and enjoy your commissions!
The whole point of Networking is that you only have to recruit/find customers once and you keep getting paid for their continued custom.
You can take five years to get your business moving or five weeks.. A short focused burst of high activity is really all you need.
I haven’t tried to prospect anyone for two years because I got it out of the way in 2013/2014!
Remember we have a great established company, a great product, great business offer and you can give every person you speak to the chance to have a free gold savings account!
Now you know where to find people to tell!
If you have any questions about anything above please get in touch and don’t forget…. have fun!



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