Karatbars Gold! – Be Prepared!

As you may know I am flying to Germany on Saturday morning for the Karatbars Global Event! I will be there until Thursday night, (22nd), so replies will not be as fast during that period.
For new subscribers… These trips are offered three times a year. Karatbars are paying for my 4* hotel, Michelin dining, helicopter trip, daily excursions etc and gave me €2500 to spend while i’m there! I was in the Caribbean in January and L.A. last year.. all paid for!
You may also know that I am part of The Heartbeat Club which meets every Tuesday to put froward ideas and feedback from the field. (Myself, nine other leaders and head office on a 90 minute Skype call)

Big Announcements

I am not allowed to reveal what is going to be announced this weekend but I can show you how to be ahead of the game when Sunday happens.
If you don’t take this advice you will kick yourself come next week.

If you have not registered for your free account you need to do that first HERE

1. Make sure you have ordered the maximum marketing package you can afford before Sunday. If you don’t know what is in the packages or what they are about click HERE
Even if you start with the €125 bronze just make sure it has been ordered before Sunday.
2. Make sure you have an autosave set up. You can do that  HERE (You need to be logged in).
You can save a fixed amount from €50 per month or 1g, 2.5g, 5g cards. Again it doesn’t matter which one… Just trust me and have it done.
3. Make sure you have joined my Facebook group. This is where I will be posting news as it happens. www.facebook.com/groups/globalgoldbullion(There will be no Newsletters next week).
Feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook too.. We are all family in Karatbars – www.facebook.com/bmcg3
One of the announcements will be based on packages, one on autosave and one on the new incentive trip for the end of the year. (These are just the ones I know about)
If you have these steps out of the way you can hit the ground running next week.
What is being implemented is going to quickly take us to one million customers so you will want to be ready.
There are going to be a lot of new affiliates and customers wanting to register and you want to be set up to accept them.

Karatbars Office

NEW Weekly Webinars
Our group has now grown to 11,600+ and as an extra means of support for everyone I am going to start weekly live webinars the week after I get back.
This is also possible thanks to my new office!
They will consist of a 45 minute presentation with Q&A session afterwards. You can invite your potential customers to come and watch and ask me questions directly.
The first one is going to be held on Wednesday 28th June at 8.30pm BST (London Time) and the link will be www.karatbarspresentation.com
Feel free to start promoting it as a weekly event using Facebook events or any platforms you use. It will be the same time every Wednesday so keep it free.
This is another reason to be set up and ready before they start.
I can see a lot of growth coming after this weekend and these webinars will be a great weekly resource.


Karatbars is Financial AND Time Freedom

Here’s my final thought for you before I go to Germany..
I have a sick and pregnant wife, a fourteen, three and one year old AND I moved house last month! I worked a handful of hours, (about ten all month), and still earned over €15,000 from people simply saving in gold.
People turn their noses up at earning 5% on a 1g Karatbar because its only about €2.80 but when you have 1000 people buying a 1g card every week its at least €11,200 per month in commission!
90% of my business is small daily regular sales. I do have the 20k/30k branding card sales and bigger buyers but its helping a lot of smaller savers which will guarantee your passive income.
When all those people are buying online, Karatbars are doing the shipping and Brian does all the support all you have to do is take the money from the ATM every Friday!
The more people you can help start to save the more you will earn! It doesn’t get much more simple, honest or straightforward than that. 
Now that cashgold is available on the website from €7 / £5 / $8 there is no financial reason to stop anyone owning 24kt gold.
Karatbars has saved me and my family through education as well as commission.. I am going to pass on this blessing to as many people as I can in the years ahead!
Karatbars isn’t a business… Its a humanitarian mission!
More information on prices, training and further advice is updated weekly at www.globalgoldbullion.com
Brian McGinty

Karatbars International

Email: brian@globalgoldbullion.com

UK Office: +44 (0) 2891 871 374

Mobile/Cell/Whatsapp: +44 (0) 7511650427