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1000 Customers – 11,500 Worldwide  

Next week I will celebrate four years building my Karatbars business and over the weekend I hit a milestone in that I have personally referred 1000 customers and business partners. 

This has grown to 11,500+ in 100+ countries and that’s ALL thanks to YOU and the other people out there teaching people about saving in gold. 
People have been telling me that 1000 personal is a wonderful achievement but i’m not so sure.
Good but not wonderful… Let me explain. 
I started on 12th June 2013 which was 1450 days ago. If I take out Saturdays and Sundays its 1000 days ago. 
The reality is that I have only managed to find one person per day to register for a free gold savings account! 
Its not 1000 sales… Its 1000 registrations
The sad thing is most people give up after three! 
When I worked in insurance knocking doors I had to sell 2 x €200 policies per day just to break even. (That’s a lot of doors, dogs and disappointment to get 2 sales!) 
Life gets in the way
Since 2013 I got married, my best friend died, my mum died, we moved country, moved house three times, had two children, one miscarriage, one on the way in July, my wife has M.E so I can’t leave the house which I could use as excuses but I won’t.. 
They are my reasons to continue… The reasons I worked so hard. 
Here’s the good news…

I only personally spoke to the first 200 people…. The next 800 found me. They have all registered BEFORE talking to me at all. 
I have not actively asked someone to look at Karatbars for about three years. 
Between 3 – 5 people register in my group every week simply because I decided in 2013 that’s what I planned to be happening. 
This is what I can teach you… If you want it.. If you are willing to sacrifice 2017 to make 2018 better, 2019 great and every year after brilliant! 
In 2013 I was talking to 50+ people a day and asking them to watch my video. If they watched it fine, if they didn’t fine. I was only asking them to watch a video… Not buy… just watch a video. 
“Have you got 45 minutes free?.. Great… Take a look at this and let me know what you think”… NEXT PERSON
I knew that 90% wouldn’t watch it.. I knew 5% would try to talk me out of it with their negativity but I kept going. 
I only ever had conversations with those people who were… 
1. Willing to watch the video
2. Willing to register for an account to find out more.
The price to hear my voice was to register. I spoke to no one for free. 
Every week I would also write two or three blog posts for and make a video or two for my Youtube channel 
I knew these would bring me no one for at least a year as it takes time to build an online reputation. 
I also knew that my enthusiasm and energy for asking people to watch a video wouldn’t last forever so I needed something to take over when that happened. 
Everything came true!
My blog and Youtube started attracting customers and doing all my training so I stopped recruiting. 
I now work a couple of hours a day, (Mainly writing this), and last month made over €15,000 in cash income and saved a load of gold. 
Was it worth taking 2013 “off” and getting those first 200 registrations?.. Were all the “nos” worth it? .. Absolutely.  
Start today..
Karatbars is infinitely easier to build now than it was in 2013! There is a great need for gold, interest rates are lower, inflation is higher, economies and governments are more unstable, people are becoming more educated! 
Karatbars has now been delivering without fail since 2011, the companies reputation is solid which makes it easy for us. 
I have cleared a path for you so you should be able to build 11,000 in 2 years and not 4! What I won’t do is force anyone to work.. That has to come from inside. 
I make zero outbound calls but I am here, ready and waiting to talk to anyone who wants training, support, help or encouragement. 
Just use this simple system to create speed. We only want to do three things and this system achieves it.
1. Help people register for a free account
2. Help them get started with any package (Own a business)
3. Help them start saving (See below) 
Why save? What use is one gram a week? 

Gold has been averaging 12% a year since 2001 and before. Lets imagine it just keeps doing that for the next ten years. (I personally think it will go higher) 
If you decide to save just one gram a week for the next ten years you would have over £87,000 worth in ten years time. (The calculation is the same for euros/dollars etc)
In 25 years.. (When I hit 65) saving 1g per week I would have over 1.2 million pounds worth of gold to retire with! (I’m now saving much more) 
Now do you understand why we are so desperate to help people save in gold? 
I don’t see Karatbars as my business… Its my lifes mission to teach people another way. 
Get started today

You have a simple system to follow which will not only help you become financially and debt free but also everyone you come into contact with. 
You have the right product in gold, the right company in Karatbars and the right support in me to do it with. 
My wish for you is that you grab the opportunity. 
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Lets do it together…


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