My Most Important Video … Ever!

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In four years I have personally helped 988 people register for a Karatbars account and my group has grown to 11,300+


Since day one until today I am still hearing the same comments about Karatbars being “expensive gold

I have seen many customers not buy and good business partners give up simply because they cannot get past Karatbars prices.

The Solution

I have made this video which should… for once and for all… Show why Karatbars is NOT and expansive product.

In fact we have the lowest prices for what we sell!

I am so sure of it that I am offering anyone €500 / $560 / £430 if I am WRONG!  

So if you were ever put off by the pricing or gave up because someone else put you off about pricing watch this video I made yesterday. If you like what you see please share it on your social media, comment underneath and send it to anyone who ever told you Karatbars was overpriced.

We need to start educating people and giving them the truth.

or this link

Be confident

If anyone ever mentions Karatbars prices ever again just show them that video and remember this.

If someone has never ever bought a gram of 24kt, 999.9 gold and had it delivered… Never let them tell you how much it costs. Because they simply don’t know. Google doesn’t know everything.. Especially when you ask it the wrong questions. 

I hope that this video will give you confidence in buying Karatbars gold and also promoting it as a business partner. I am going to insist that ever new business partner and customer watches this video as soon as they register from today.

Experienced gold buyers buy from Karatbars!

I have had someone buy £30,000 worth of 5g cards recently, another person bought €25,000 worth of 1g…I have regular €5000 to €10,000 sales…  Is it because they are all stupid??.. No… Its because they understand what they are buying.

Too many ordinary people are missing out simply due to lack of education… Which I blame bank sponsored governments for… But that’s for another day!!

If you have any questions I am in my new Karatbars office in our new home.. Back up to full speed and teaching the world about the importance of buying gold.


P.s.. Please add my new office number below to your phones. Have a great weekend.



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Karatbars International Business Partner


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