Building Your Karatbars Business Online

To ensure your business is a success please follow the steps below in order.


If you have not opened your free Karatbars account yet please click HERE

Step 1 – KYC

You have registered so now all you need to do is complete your KYC or Know Your Customer section. You will find it under the “profile” tab in your dashboard.

KYC is a set of international guidelines which help companies ensure they are not aiding money laundering. Put simply you just need to upload a copy of your ID, (passport/ driving licence/ Id card), and a recent utility bill/bank/card statement dated within six months.

*A clear picture taken with a smart phone is fine. Make sure to upload two separate documents, one in each section. 

Once you have uploaded both documents the KYC team will check them and approve/not approved them. You will receive an email with the decision usually within 48 hours. If they have not been approved correct the error and try again.

These are the most common reasons for non approval.

  • Documents are not in full colour
  • The KYC person cannot see all four sides and corners of the document
  • The information on the document does not match the profile information

This video explains KYC in more detail.

Please ensure you email as soon as you/your customer or business partners have uploaded your documents. My office has direct communication with KYC and I can have them checked for you quickly.


Step 2 – Order a Marketing Package

If you are going to build offline you will need brochures, marketing materials and gold to show potential customers and partners. Karatbars offer marketing packages as a one off cost from €125 for the Bronze package up to €8400 for the Premium Professional Package which comes with a company pool share.

Extra brochures, pull up banners etc are available in the “merchandising” section under “product purchase”


Start on whichever package you can afford. You can upgrade between Bronze, Silver, Gold and VIP by paying the difference in price between each package. Having a higher package also gives you a higher direct commission which I explain in the video below.

Step 3 – Set Up An Autosave

You don’t advise someone to do something you haven’t done yourself! Setting up an autopayment with Karatbars is not compulsory but I believe it is essential if you want to have a successful business.

The minimum is €50 per month and remember you are not spending anything, you are swapping bad money for good! This is not a cost. If you are in a position where you don’t have an extra €50 find it and this will focus you to ensure you earn it in commissions.

Step 4 – Learn your products and prices

What business owner doesn’t know the prices of every product he sells?

Your Karatbars website is your shop and you need to know what is for sale and how much it costs.

On the bottom of your dashboard the pricelist is updated with live prices and products and you need to know every one. Print this off and learn it. Check it every day for new or removed products.

When a customer asks you for information you need to be able to guide them to it on the website. There is no point in becoming an answering machine. Teach your customers where the information can be found.

When a customer asks you a question… You must know the answer or the sale can be lost there and then.

EG How to make an autopurchase, how to enter a bonus card, where to find the bank details etc. 

If you go through each tab in turn and learn each page your confidence will be apparent to anyone you speak with.

Step 5 – Learn Your Marketing Plan

There is no point in selling anything if you don’t know how much you will earn when you sell it.

As an example I am a VIP Member – I therefore know that if I introduce a business partner who buys a VIP Package at €2000 I will earn €400, get 1000 points and 100 units.. If I sell 4 per month I will make €1600 and get 400 units. (Every 75 units is worth another €80 bonus to me)

I know that if a new affiliate was to have 200 customers buying one gram of gold per week they would be earning over €1000 per month in gold commissions alone. There are six other ways to earn.

If you know how much you want to earn you can work out what you need to sell.

Your Marketing Plan explains exactly how much you earn on each product and how you are paid. You can learn about the different ranks and how to achieve them.

You can find your marketing plan under “General” -> “Downloads” where all your presentations and pdfs are located.

If you don’t like reading I will talk you through it in the video below…

Step 6 – Become a Networking Professional

Sales is about Networking, word of mouth marketing and increasing the amount of people you interact with. You need to think and act like a networker and this takes a set of skills which anyone can learn.

I can teach you these skills but there is someone out there who does it better than ever I could. His name is Eric Worre and website is called Eric does not promote any company or products and his mission is to help people become better Networking Professionals and entrepreneurs.

I watch every video he has produced, some of them over and over because the information is so good. He is friends with Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and his mentor was Jim Rohn so the knowledge he gives is invaluable considering what he has learned.

Start with the video below and listen carefully to the advice Eric gives.

Erics Plan for 2017

Step 7 – Connect with Brian

This is the final part of your preparation before you speak to the public. Connect with me and tell me your goals and plans.  I count many of my business partners and customers around the world as friends now.

My support desk is open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm for calls and 24/7 for text and emails. It is free to everyone in my organisation and I train each new person on a one to one basis.

Knowing you have me at the end of the phone when speaking to a client will give you both confidence. Often a few words from me to your client may be the difference in completing that sale.

I aim to answer 90% of texts/emails/messages within 15 minutes between 9am -11pm GMT.  Please never feel that you are “bothering” me and ask as many questions as you like whenever you like.

If you prefer not to contact me I have answered every question in tutorial format on my Youtube chanel. It is vital that you subscribe to it now.


Connect now – Send me a message with your name and username and I will add you to my contacts.

  • Telephone/Whatsapp +447511650427
  • Skype ID – Onlinecompanyreview
  • Facebook/Messenger –
  • Email –

Step 8 – Health = Wealth

It is my strong belief that if you want to change your life you should do it from the inside. Small changes to routine can make huge changes to your life.

These are the changes I made in 2013 which made a big difference to my business and life in general.

  • I made sure to get at least 15 minutes of exercise per day. Something that really gets your blood moving and oxygen flowing! I spent £80 on a cross trainer for my office.
  • Cut out as much TV as possible. (I feel like I have twice as much life to live) 
  • I started reading books on the advice of Tony Robbins/Jim Rohn/Eric Worre! – My recommendations are
  1. Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad
  2. George S Clason – The Richest Man In Babylon
  3. Eric Worre – Go Pro 
  4. Napoleon Hill – Think And Grow Rich 
  5. Jim Rikards – The New Case For Gold
  6. Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends And Influence People 
  7. Timothy Ferris – The 4 Hour Work Week


I will add to this list in 2017 if I find new recommendations.

Preparation over – Time to start speaking to people!


Please get in touch if you need any further help.

Brian McGinty
Karatbars International – VIP Business Partner
Office: +4420 8123 7337
Mobile/Cell/Whatsapp – +447511650427

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