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It is often said that the best leaders make the best followers. After 20+ years in direct sales I know this to be the case. I always found the most successful Salesperson in the company and copied them without question.

This “system” has meant I have been at the top of EVERY company I have ever worked with. It doesn’t mean I have had better skills, I just was good at copying!

Would you like a passive income by October? 

All we do at Karatbars is help people exchange devaluing currency into gold in a safe affordable way.

We also show people that by following a simple system they can earn some money and get their gold for free.

This is how simple Karatbars could be..

1. Complete the first 4 steps in your back office right now. (Step 5 – The Academy isn’t completed yet and is being tested) You can use my presentation.

2. Ask people to watch the presentation which explains EVERYTHING in one go. (You don’t need to learn anything)

3. If they register help them complete the steps. (If they have questions give them my number) 

Steps are now in the back office

The crazy thing is this… Watching the presentation isn’t even important. If everyone completed the steps everyone would be saving and everyone would be earning.

If you can complete the steps and find three more people to do that in the next thirty days you will have helped three people start their own business and start saving in gold.

You will also have started a simple system which will grow and duplicate! 

You will have started right, your three people will have started right so everyone is started quickly and properly.

3 in 30 is a simple concept, 3 in 30 gives you something to focus on, 3 in 30 will give you momentum. 

Imagine how big your business could be by October!

Imagine what Christmas 2017 could look like! 

If everyone just focuses on finding three people.

With everyone saving one gram of gold per month that’s €100,000+ turnover per month. Or €400,000+ is they are saving one gram per week!

Apart from buying a one off business package from just €125, (which is delivered to their home), no one is spending any money! There are no fees or subscriptions for anyone.

Get Started Right Now! 

Can you complete the steps and find three people in the next thirty days?

Step 1 – Click the link below and complete the steps.

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But Brian… If its that easy why do people fail? 

I often get asked this so here is my honest answers.

1. Affiliates don’t complete the steps. “I can’t afford €50 per month” , “I’ll get the Mastercard later when I start earning” etc etc. If you don’t, can’t or won’t complete the steps don’t bother going any further. Do not try to ask anyone else to do what you are not prepared to do yourself. Find a way to complete the steps. If you want this system to work you must

2. Affiliates don’t ASK people to watch the presentation. Affiliates will post links, send emails, buy traffic, make capture pages, create websites and do everything on this earth except actually speak to another human beng and ask them a question. Get over that fear, Let the no’s, rejection and negative comments wash off you like water!

3. Affiliates don’t talk to me enough!  They try something to build Karatbarsand it doesn’t work or they join another company and are worried about coming back to Karatbars. My door is always open and the only way you can fail is by giving up. I’m in this with you so lets do it together, good and bad!

Fear is the problem. Fear that they won’t be able to afford the gold, fear they won’t be able to turn it back into cash, fear something will happen to Karatbars and fear that the person they SPEAK to will reject them.

Fear is in every one of us and there to protect us from sabre tooth tigers.. Fear is designed to keep us alive but we don’t need so much of it in 2017!

Overcoming Fear

I was scared of heights all my life, I couldn’t go up a ladder or climb a tree… So what did I do?

I got myself into an aeroplane and jumped out of it at 15,000 feet.. The worst 30 minutes of my life and the best feeling ive ever had when i jumped out…

Whatever fear is holding you back from completing your steps and getting started today is the day to get rid of it.

Complete the steps, find three people and lets chance your life…


P.S… I hope you like the new format! If you have any suggestions for my updates please get in touch.

Brian McGinty
Karatbars International – VIP Business Partner

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