Some Facts Everyone Needs To Know 

Forget about Karatbars for a minute… The information below YOU NEED to know. It needs to be shared with everyone you know too! 


If you have watched my presentation for April, HERE , you will know what I am about to say.

If not  here it is in text form.

1. If you do not have any gold or silver you DO NOT have any money.

2. Cash in a bank or on a credit card or in your wallet is currency. 


No one I ever meet knows the difference but we all need to! 


Cash/euros/dollars etc is known as FIAT currency and is backed by nothing. It can become worthless overnight and has done in many countries.

Currencies generally last about 80 -100 years and then disappear. 509 have come and gone since the 15th century.

When, (not if), the dollar, euro, pound crash and the currency reset happens you had better hope that you are not only holding currency.

Inflation eats away at currency, Currency is made of paper or is digital so has no intrinsic value.. The more currency that is printed the less yours is worth!

Bitcoin, Dascoin, Discoin or Daothercoin will never be money even if they last as currency. 

Your $10 is only worth $10 because everyone agrees it is TODAY… Maybe they won’t tomorrow!

I spoke to a man in Greece last week!  €300,000 in the bank but due to capital controls he can only withdraw €400 per week! That’s in the EU.. In the country known as “The birthplace of Western civilization!” If it can happen there it can happen anywhere.

That’s why your currency is not your money! You have less and less control over it. 

Got paperless billing? So you don’t even have a receipt for your currency now?… Think about it! If your account gets hacked its your word against the bank. Get paper billing!

Gold is money

Buying gold from Karatbars for me is making 100% sure that my family is protected when this reset happens. IF/When stocks and shares fail money flows to gold… It is a hedge against bad things happening.

Many experts believe that gold will go from $1250 per ounce today to $10,000+ per ounce soon. That’s why I am buying/hoarding as much as I can every month.

3. Less than 1% of the population now own gold!

  • The rich own gold
  • Banks own gold 
  • Governments own gold
  • Politicians own gold 
  • Investors own gold 

Yet 99% of the ordinary people don’t! We need this to change! 

The public put their money in banks, the banks give you 1% interest on it and use it to buy gold and get 10%+ per year on it! Its criminal how governments and banks treat their customers like idiots.

They give you the 1% and keep then 9% for themselves! 

But when the government runs the banks AND the education system they can teach you whatever they like!

Were you taught gold is money?... I wasn’t.  

Were you taught to go to university and get into debt, buy a car on credit and get into debt? Were you taught to buy a house and get into 25 years of debt? Yes… Me too! 

Here’s the figures you won’t be told about gold…

Take a look at the facts over the past 16 years…. Its been the same for 100’s of years.

What are you going to do about it? 

Are you going to ignore this email and carry on in the hope that everything will be alright?

Are you going to start today and protect yourself by having at least 10% of your assets in gold? (Like the rich are doing)

Are you going to start today and start saving at least €50 per month with Karatbars? You can’t buy the same quality of gold with the same security features at a better price. Plus you get free storage or Fedex delivery.

What is the point in health insurance, life insurance or car insurance without getting money insurance? 

Gold is money insurance! 

  • I don’t want to see the dollar or euro or pound crashing but I know it is likely 
  • I don’t want to see my bank being hacked but I know it is likely. 
  • I don’t want to see economic chaos in my life but I know it is likely. 
  • I don’t want capital controls happening but I know it is likely. 
  • I don’t want to see wars or terrorism affect my life… But it does!

I have my gold, in my possession so it doesn’t matter what happens to governments, currencies or banks ….My family is protected.

And hey… If gold does go to $10,000 per ounce i will have one hell of a pension by the time I am fifty!

If it is still at $1250 I have lost nothing and I am still in control!

Watch this video

I have made the following video to explain why saving in gold is so important and to show how easy it is.  It aslo explains how important it is in terms of your Karatbars account

One Million Accounts
Karatbars have a clear target of having one million accounts by the end of 2018!  Why not have 10,000 or 100,000 of those in your organisation?

Lets all do it, share the information in this email with as many people as possible!



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