Karatbars Gold Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Over 11,000 In Our Group Now!

I generally get my ideas from Newsletters from answering customer questions during the week!

With over 11,000 customer and business partners in 100+ countries i do get a lot of questions!

Remember 90% of questions you can find answers to at www.bmginty.com (My youtube channel)

The sun never sets on our Karatbars organisation

Karatbars is simpler than you think!

I am getting a lot of feedback from people that shows me that they don’t understand how simple acquiring gold with Karatbars is….

So let me break it down.

1. Anyone in 119 countries can have a free Karatbars customer account for life.  
2. Karatbars accounts have no fees, subscriptions or extra charges 
3. A customer can buy as much or as little gold as they like, there are no minimum orders
4. You can use credit/debit or bank wire to make a purchase. Karatbars has lots of bank accounts in different countries so choose the one with the lowest fees. EG UK – Karatbars HSBC UK has no charge
5. If you buy with a credit card your purchases are covered by most credit card companies
6. Storage is free in Germany for as long as you wish 
7. Fedex insured, tracked delivery to Europe is €13.50 and €18.50 outside Europe. 
8. Deliveries with over 100grams are zero cost. 
9. Customers can add a beneficiary to their account so that it will be passed on in event of death. 
10. You are free to sell your gold to anyone at any time. You can sell gold in  ANY country in the world. 

The Autosave is simple too

Karatbars have an autosave feature which you can “set and forget”.

Again, many people do not understand this so let me explain how easy it is. It takes seconds to set up.

1. Login and click auto /special exchange under “product purchase”  – HERE
2. Choose “monthly payment” or “one time purchase”  (Over €500)
3. Under “monthly payment” choose weekly or monthly 
4. Enter amount from €50 upwards
5. Enter your credit or debit card details or choose bank transfer. 
6. There is no commitment – cancel it any time you like 

7. If you set up a new one the old one gets cancelled. You can only have one running at a time. 

Step 4 in your back office. 

What happens next?  

Lets imagine you choose €60 per week 

1. A Gram is approx €57 so approx 1.1 grams of gold will go in storage 
2. Next week/month on the same day another €60 will come off your card and you will have 2.2grams in storage etc.
3. If you want to choose delivery you can round up the odd amount to the next 1gram 
4. You can choose to have your gold delivered as 1gram, 2.5gram or 5gram cards
5. If you decided to buy any other Karatbars products you can choose to have your stored gold delivered with it for free. 
6. You can turn your gold back into cash easily at any time a number of ways.
7. When the app goes live you will be able to transfer your stored gold from your account to other accounts and pay people using your gold. 

Notice for Karatbars Affiliates / Business Partners

The number one reason why affiliates/business partner fail at building their Karatbars business is that they do not have an autosave set up.

EVERY successful business partner in my group has a minimum of €50 per month on autosave.

Yes Autsave is optional for customers and business partners…BUT… Do you really expect any customer to do what you say but not as you do?

How can you show them how to set it up if you have never done it yourself?

Building a customer base is so much easier when you can honestly say you are a saver yourself! 

Give me one reason? 

As I write this in March 2017 interest rates are low, inflation is rising, bank charges and taxes are eating away at every penny we have. Gold and Silver* are the only safe, reliable ways to ensure your money stops evaporating.

*Yes silver is good too… I just can’t find a way to get it for free like I get my gold with Karatbars! 

exchanged devaluing paper cash for gold, (real money), with Karatbars in 2014 and increased in value by 29% last year! It has averaged 12% every year since 2002! *against GBP

Karatbars is the ONLY, safe, reliable, tested, honest way for the masses to get their hands on affordable 24kt, 999.9 gold from and LBMA accredited refinery, with free storage and Fedex insured delivery, .holgram, certificate, serial number etc etc..


Give me one reason why anyone would not set up an autosave with Karatbars for at least €50 today? 

I can’t afford it doesn’t work as a reply!  I used to spend first and try to save what was left but you never have anything left.

Save €50 of gold, pay yourself first on payday and then spend what is left!

I learned this from the books, “Rich dad, Poor Dad” and “The Richest Man In Babylon”  and Warren Buffett of course!

Success Leaves Clues

I am learning from the greatest books written and financial minds and just trying to pass on what i have learned to you.

On June 11th 2013, I was a broke yet a spender, I didn’t know gold was money, I had no plan for my future and was just like the 99%.

On 12th June a friend asked me to watch a 45 minute presentation on Karatbars and my life has changed beyond recognition since…

My wish for you is that you

1. Watch the video at www.thismightbeofinterest.com/presentation 

2. Become a saver, be part of the 1% who own gold and set up your autosave today.

I have created a simple little website with short tutorials which will show you how to get started with your first gram of gold..


As always I am here in the office if you have any questions or need any help.



Brian McGinty
Karatbars International – VIP Business Partner

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