Next Saturday, 25th March Can Change Your Life!

This update is important even if you are not in Europe! You may know someone who is so lets get them to London next week!  Call them, email or message them and let them know.

Tell them to make themselves known to me and I will look after them for you for the day!

You need to be there if at all possible!

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All existing and potential customers or business partners need to be there so they can hear from Harald Seiz himself.

Myself, Harald Seiz, Thomas Brenner, Nitsa Nakos (Canada), Priska King, Cherylanne Gober (USA) and others will all be speaking during this event.

People who have started from zero and who have created million euro businesses will be explaining how they did it!

No amount of online videos beats attending live events and I can’t stress that strongly enough

Every six figure earner attends them… Not because they can afford to… Its because they know they can’t afford not to!  I will move heaven and earth to attend these because I know how much value I get from them. (For weeks and months ahead)

You can order your tickets –   HERE 

Change your life?

I flew to Germany in 2013 to meet Harald in person and that meeting has changed my life beyond recognition. So when I say at the top of this email that next Saturday can change your life I mean it.

I ALWAYS earn more after an event than before! The experience, and enthusiasm carries you for months ahead!  They are probably worth an extra €20-50K a year to me if I worked it out in terms of earnings.

Karatbars is changing lives, people do need to learn about the importance of gold ownership and we are perfectly placed to deliver gold to the masses in an honest affordable way.

Next Saturday is the first stage in bringing this message to The UK

Please get back to me if you have any questions… See you in London!



Brian McGinty
Karatbars International – VIP Business Partner

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