Announcement On Cashgold From Harald Seiz 

Karatbars is about to take the world by storm with Cashgold. The first payment system that can’t be affected by governments, banks, corruption or any internet blackout.

How many people stop to think about what would happen if the internet went off? What if  our bank or online account was hacked?

Our Visas/Mastercards/Bitcoins or Paypal won’t be much use then! 

Do you have a plan B? Or do you have 100% faith in the internet, internet security, your government and the banks?

Cashgold is the answer! An inflation proof form of payment that no one can affect. If the internet fails you you have a valid form of payment which will be accepted in any country in the world.

Nobody is saying put ALL your money into gold but wouldn’t 10% or 20% in gold not make sense?

Personally I think gold will go to $5000 per ounce in the next 10 years so my holding is over 50%. Having 0% in gold however makes no sense at all.

The dollar/paper money “cycle” is nearly over

Gold has been a form of payment for 5000 years and always will be. Long after the dollar an euro are distant memories.

Harald Seiz Interview on Cashgold

Harald Seiz has just released this video today on cashgold and explains why it is so important as a form of protection.

Premium Packages – Claim your discount 

Some people have been buying their Premium Packages and not getting their €100 discount. I have these €100 discount codes so please let me know if you need one. €100 is €100 after all! 

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Tobias Poole – Car Winner – Ford Expedition

Only last month on the Karatbars cruise Tobias Poole won a brand new car which he has just gone to collect. See Tobias and his prize in the following short video.

Karatbars is delivering on everything they said they would since I started in June 2013! There are not a lot of companies I could ever have said that about.

You have an enormous opportunity with this company over the next five years to protect yourself and your family with gold, earn whatever cash you want to buy the things you want and to spend as much time with your friends and family as you like.

I am going to help as many people as possible achieve all of the above and I wont rest until I have protected as many people as I can.

Lets do it together…

Have a great weekend…



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