Karatbars Premium Shares Offer – Ends 31st December – Don’t Miss Out

You don’t get many “chances” in your life but this is one of them.. Register at http://www.karataffiliate.com  and be part of Karatbars future.

Email brian@globalgoldbullion.com or call +447511650427 if you have questions.

I have been with the company for three years so obviously I think they are a no brainer. The thing is that many people brand new to the company are buying them too.

Why are they are so popular?

1. The value of the gold, products and profit cards inside the package is always greater than the purchase price.

A Premium Package is simply great value.

For example, the Premium Packages costs €4229 and includes 50 Profit cards. 3% cards cost me €20 to buy, €100 discount codes cost me €80 to buy and profit cards do both and more so are worth at least €100 each.

That’s €5000 worth of Profit cards alone. Before you count the gold and all the other products that come with it. Cashgold, business cards, sunglasses, metal cards, classic gold cards etc.

The Premium Professional Package is €8570 and contains 70 profitcards plus all the other items.


You become a VIP Karatbars member, earn 20% commission and have a complete selection of products to show potential customers.
How many other businesses can you set up with stock for under €5000? or €9000 for that matter?


I make more money than any subway franchisee and my total exposure to risk was a VIP Package costing €1600 in 2013! I was in profit after three weeks and have been ever since.
2. Buy now and you get two free pool shares

What does that mean in real terms?

Cashgold are being released for distribution over the next three months. 0.1gram cashgold are already for sale. (I have 30 of them) 0.2gram, 0.4gram, 0.6 gram are on the way.
Every time €1 of cashgold is sold €0.30 cents goes into a pot.

€0.10 cents in the Premium pot and €0.20 cents in the Premium Professional pot. This is shared out between those who bought Premium Packages and is paid monthly.


Everyone asks me what I think the monthly payout will be.. Answer is I have no idea but lets consider the facts and take an educated guess.

Lets say €1 million of cashgold is sold in January. (And remember it is going into shops in 120 countries as well as out the the membership of 420,000+)

€100,000 would be in the Premium Pot and €200,000 in the Premium Professional.

Lets say 500 people have bought Premium Packages they would share the €100,000 so get €400 each. (2 shares so 2 x €200)

Lets say 100 people have Premium Professional packages so they would get €4000 each. (2 shares so 2 x €2000)

If only 1 million of cashgold was sold over the entire twelve months that would still be a nice return based on those figures.

Obviously I am not psychic and there could be more or less people buying packages , there could be more or less cashgold sold.. we don’t know.


What I DO KNOW is that Karatbars is debt free and sales were up over 60% from 2014 to 2015 and the company has been growing over 30% per year since 2011

What I also know is that this is a bonus because what you are getting in the packages is worth the cost anyway.

A full business, loads of products, two shares, a cruise and loads of commissions… Loads of reasons to buy Premium Packages and lots of reasons to promote them. The promotion finishes on 31st of October so six weeks and five days from today.

There are lots of people out there who have retired from jobs or who want to set up on their own in business. The Premium Packages are perfect for them so let them know.

The person who introduced me to Karatbars in 2013 changed my life and my family’s life forever. I didn’t feel like I was sold Karatbars, I was offered a way out of debt and means to start saving for my future. The fact I love the whole Karatbars family of people has been a fantastic bonus.


I love being involved with this company today as much as I did in 2013.. If not more. That’s why I show the Premium Package video to everyone because I know it will improve their life.

I have made it super easy for you to share the video by placing it on a website which you can share with anyone.


TIP: Get sharing and don’t pick and choose who you share the video with. Unless you have personal access to someones bank account and under their mattress you should never ever prejudge anyone.

I once sold a €300k house to a man who came into the office with very old clothes and a hole in his shoe.. He was broke all his life but his mother had just died and he had inherited about half a million euros! I learned a good lesson that day!

If you or your customers have any questions I am in the office and happy to speak to anyone.

Register for your free Karatbars business account at www.karataffiliate.com

Have a great end to your week..


Brian McGinty