Why Your Should Share Karatbars With Everyone!

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Hope you are enjoying your Tuesday! Been a busy week so far with lots of new customers and affiliate starting… 10,325 team total as I write this..

Karatbars affiliates ask me the same questions today as they did in 2013

  • Where can I find people?
  • How can I drive traffic to my website? 
  • Where can I capture leads? 

The problem with all these questions is the terminology.. We are not looking for leads or traffic or to drive or capture anyone. You drive cattle… You capture criminals! 

These are ridiculousvague terms used by so called online marketing companies to dehumanise the public… To make you think there is some kind of special type of person you should be “targeting”.. (Another word I hate). As if there is some magic way to find these special people and only gurus know how to do it!

We are not hunting or looking for prey!

Here’s the truth…..It’s nonsense designed to steal your money!

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You don’t need autoresponders, solo ads, traffic, leads, a marketing course or special skills… And here’s why…

Karatbars sell products that people either need or may like to own.. Just ordinary people like yourself. We show people what Karatbars sell and THEY decide if they want to buy. If they want to buy we help them make a purchase.

Doesn’t that sound better, more honest and easier? 

At Karatbars we sell birthday cards… Do you know anyone who celebrates a birthday? – Ask them to watch the video as I explain about how they can buy birthday cards.

At Karatbars we sell Christmas cards Do you know anyone who celebrates Christmas? – Ask them to watch the video as I explain how you can buy packs of 6 x 24kt Gold Christmas cards for €68 / £58 / £75

At Karatbars we help people turn devaluing cash into gold.. – Do you know anyone who has cash or who is losing money due to low interest rates and inflation? – Ask them to watch the video as I explain how we can do that for them quickly, easily and safely.

New Karatbars Cashgold

Do you know anyone who owns a business and would like a unique marketing idea? Know any Churches, charities or sports clubs who would like to raise some extra money?, People who would like a little extra or a lot of extra income?

You guessed it… In the video I explain how we can help them too. That’s pretty much 95% of the adult population we can ask!

Your postman, doctor, dentist, person beside you in the post office queue, brothers, sisters, cousins EVERYONE you meet every day. 

You don’t need to be a salesperson to do well in Karatbars.. If you can say, sign or write down the following you will make a fortune…

“Hi Bob… If I asked you to take a look at video would you watch it and tell me what you think?”  Great.. It’s  www.thismightbeofinterest.com/presentation”  (Or Your personalised one)

If for some reason you have not asked every one of your relatives, everyone in your phone and everyone in your Facebook to watch the presentation you have to ask yourself why?

  • Why have you not asked them? 
  • Did you not realise ANYONE can and should  be a Karatbars customer?
  • Have you been trying to find the “right” people to ask?
  • Have you watched the video to see whats in it? www.24kt.vip 
  • Have you asked me for your own personalised page? (I need your full name and username)
  • Are you worried you don’t know enough about Karatbars?
  • Has someones negativity prevented you from asking more people?
  • Is your faith in Karatbars not solid enough? 
  • Are you worried about their response and, if so, why? 

Maybe a chat with me will help you answer these questions if they apply to you. Most are just training issues.

Karatbars is a simple business and we have products for everyone. The problem is that so called marketing companies have led online marketers to believe that you need to be some sort of expert to be successful.

People who start online or home businesses spend thousands on “gurus” and training and systems which are not only useless but completely unnecessary.

The most important tool we have is the ability to be able to speak to one another.

Speaking is the most important skill in sales. For those who can speak but can’t explain www.thismightbeofinterest.com/presentation does the explaining for them. Once someone registers I take over anyway so I have solved that problem for everyone in my organisation.

I LOVE speaking, talking and answering questions. I know my products and Karatbars so well am happy to be asked anything. 

The person who asks the most people to watch the presentation makes the most money!

That’s the secret to success in Karatbars or any of the sales companies I have worked in for over twenty years.  Knock more doors get more insurance sales, speak to more clients get more product sales, do more viewings get more property sales.

Have you ever heard a sale company reward the person who sent the most emails or gathered the most leads?… Neither have I! 

Once you realise that you can and should ask everyone… let go of the fear of rejection your mind will be free. You will ignore the negativity, only hear the yeses and Karatbars will become a lot of fun!

I have personally registered 888 people… I would imagine that’s 10,000+ people have told me no or something to that effect.. Do I care or remember any of them??? Of course not…

I’ve got 50 million more people in the UK to ask… 247 million in the USA… and the other 117 countries were are open in! 

Stop thinking and start asking and watch what happens…

I hope that has been useful… I’m here every day to help keep you on track, get your started, restarted or whatever…

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