Karatbars KYC and Getting Started

What Is KYC All About?

Welcome to all the new Newsletter readers this week.  Over one hundred new customers and business partners have joined our group since Friday. 

KYC – Before a customer or affiliate can buy anything from Karatbars they must prove they are who they say they are by becoming KYC approved.

KYC simply means Know Your Customer and is a set of international guidelines which prevent fraudulent activity. Karatbars handled over €40 million in orders last year and need to know customers are not fake and trying to launder money.

See Wiki Page – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Know_your_customer

I had one person try to open multiple accounts using fake passports in September so it does happen!

Karatbars is a very successful business which has grown since 2011 though professionalism and diligence. KYC has been a huge part in ensuring this longevity and is there for all our protection.

What does it mean for you? 

Very simply it means you need to go to your “profile” section in your back office and upload a copy of your ID and a recent official document which has been mailed to your address.

For ID – Passport/driving licence or government ID.

For address – Utility bill, bank or credit card statement, tax letter, rental agreement etc.

A clear picture of the whole page or ID taken with a smart phone is the easiest way. 

Please make sure you upload two separate documents in the correct sections. (One ID and one address) There are two sections in the drop down menu.

The KYC team at Karatbars will approve or not approve what you have uploaded. In either case they will send you an email explaining the decision.

*They cannot change your profile or approve something even if it looks like a genuine error.

EG: If your address document shows Willow Street and you have written Wilow Street  in your profile it will not be approved until you change it.

Karatbars KYC and Getting Started

Why else would they not be approved? 

  1. Not reading the instructions
  2. Uploading blurry or hard to read images
  3. Uploading black and white copies. (must be colour)
  4. Address on the documents don’t match the persons profile
  5. Documents have initials instead of full names (Not allowed)
  6. Uploading online documents. (Must be posted)
  7. Take partial pictures. (Must be full page)

I made a mistake uploading a new address document when I moved house and I do KYCs every day!. Don’t worry if it fails first time as we can all make mistakes.

Fast Approval 

KYC approval can take up to 48 hours… BUT ….I can call the office for you.  This is a huge benefit of being in my group.

As soon as you upload ANY document let me know and I can get the checked in minutes rather than waiting hours. I can get back to you or your customer right away and we can get the problem sorted.

If you are a business partner with people registered in your team check through your group for pending or not approved KYCs. I may be able to help people as they may not have understood why they are not approved.

How do you know they are “pending”? 

If you click the “eggs” in your dual team you can see each persons status

In short – If you or anyone in your organisation uploads KYC docs inform me right away. 

I have made the following short video which explains KYC further. Please take a few minutes to watch it.

Are your customers & affiliates getting these updates? 
Make sure also to send me all emails of your customers and business partners. This way you can ensure that they get my weekly help, tips and advice.

If you want a quick why to extract them from your “personal referrals” section just copy and paste all the text into theemail extractor below and forward the list to me at brian@globalgoldbullion.com
Email extractor –  http://www.lite14.us/
That’s all for today… Short and sweet but very important.

I’m in the office if you need me.



Brian McGinty

Karatbars International – VIP Business Partner

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