New Karatbars Presentation Is Live.


Welcome to our new customers and business partners this week.

9700 in our group today – Getting closer to 10,000!

For anyone who doesn’t know I record a new presentation for you every month.  

In it I explain Karatbars, I show you the latest products and partnerships… This month I introduce our new Olympic Gold Tennis card by Monica Puig.

See it at 

All personalised pages have been updated today also. 

Share it with everyone… It isn’t even 60 minutes long and could seriously change the viewers life! People watch more than an hours TV every day and it does nothing for them, their finances or family!

I will be forever grateful to the person who sent me the presentation back in 2013 as it changed my life forever.

Who needs to watch it? 

Anyone who…

  • Has no savings or pension plan
  • Is getting little or no interest on their savings
  • Buys birthday cards
  • Will buy someone a Christmas present this year
  • Would like some extra income
  • Would like to start a business but doesn’t have much money
  • Would like a full time business which will earn them €100k+ a year
  • Would like two shares in a growing business
  • Owns a retail business
  • Wants to raise money for something
  • Is involved with a charity
  • Is involved with a sports club
  • Is looking for a new marketing idea for their business
  • Doesn’t trust the banks or goverment or others with their money
  • Wants to work with an established, successful, legitimate company
  • Wants to earn a passive residual income and be paid it five times a month

If any of those apply to you or your friends and family you need to ask them to have a look at or your personalised page! (If you want a personalised page let me know).

A Thirteen Year Old Can Introduce Customers To Karatbars

Last week my son was watching my Youtube channel and he asked me if he could make money with Karatbars. I told him he can’t as hes under eighteen but I could make him a landing page which will go to my wife’s account. (She is a VIP but doesn’t build the business) I buy my gold through her account to get the commissions.

I told him to share it with people online or he meets and if they register Ill look after them from there. (Like I do  for you)

I made him , he watched it and started posting the link on his Twitter every hour. Posting things like… “Karatbars review” .. Best gold website, “gold bars online” “karatbars usa” “Sports branded cards” etc..

Hes also sharing it with youtube bloggers he talks to on Minecraft or whatever he does on his phone all day!

He’s had three people register this week already! 

Just goes to show that our simple system works.  We don’t sell, we show the customer the presentation and they decide. 

Hes even using a free auto posting software called to post Tweets 24/7 as hes at school! and can’t take his phone!

Amazing what happens when someone follows a successful system without questioning it… 

Lets help as many people as possible open Karatbars accounts, lets show them a better way to save and earn at the same time.

I’m in the office right now if you need me…


Brian McGinty
Karatbars International – VIP Business Partner

Office: +4420 8123 7337

Mobile/Cell/Whatsapp – +447511650427