Karatbars Gold Prices

This Update Affects Everyone 

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So why is this email so important?… Well because it affects every single account holder and affects anyone who ever mentions the word Karatbars to another person.

Let me explain…. I have been with Karatbars International since 2013 and now look after over 9000 accounts in 100+ countries. Over 800 of those people I have personally registered.

One thing has not changed from day one until now…

New customers, affiliates or worst of all friends and family saying “I can buy gold cheaper than Karatbars” (99% of whom have never bought a single gram of gold)

The first time I heard this I thought.. “Really?, oh no… Karatbars are marking up the price to pay us commissions”

Like so many people do I could have believed them and quit Karatbars. I didn’t want to listen to that every day.

Luckily though I have a mind of my own so I started learning about gold, researching other gold companies and their prices.

I also realised quite quickly that the people saying this had absolutely no evidence to back it up other than Google told them.

Basically the general pubic have no clue about how gold is sold, don’t own any, were not taught about it in school and know very little about it. Until June 2013 I was also in that category!

Karatbars Gold Prices

What have I learned? 

Three years of researching and 9000 people later I, nor anyone in my team have FOUND ONE company who can sell me the same quality of gold, with the same security features as Karatbars at a lower price.
So here’s what I say to people in September 2016 …

Prove it… You buy the same grade of gold, with the same features at a lower price and I will personally give you 10 grams of gold! (Worth about €500) 

I know I can say this to anyone knowing they can’t. That’s how confident I am.

I’ve been sent almost every website from every country and guess what.?.. They all fail… I have gone to each website, registered and tried to purchase from them.

Here are the main reasons why..

  • Online gold companies lie about their prices to get you to register. (Karatbars prices are transparent)
  • A lot of online gold doesn’t come from and LBMA accredited refinery. (Karatbars does)
  • Companies such as goldmoney sell 999.5 or even lower grades …  (Karatbars is 999.9)
  • Many companies have minimum orders but you don’t find out until checkout. Perth Mint $250 for example. (Karatbars have none)
  • Many companies advertise 1gram but don’t have any.. They just want your details so they can call you up and sell you ounces. (Had this for two weeks!) (Karatbars always have 1gram, 2.5gram and 5gram in stock)
  • Most gold sold doesn’t have a security hologram, serial number or company logo stamped into the gold (Karatbars does)
  • A  lot of gold companies don’t give you a certificate with your gold. (Karatbars do)
  • Many gold companies give you no buy back option. (Karatbars do)
  • Many gold companies charge sign up fees, monthly subscriptions, high storage or delivery costs. (Karatbars have none)
  • I’m not aware of any gold company which allows you to earn commissions (For free) by sharing your replicated website (also free) with others. (Karatbars does)

I haven’t even mentioned that fact that you can spend your Karatbars gold in K-exchange centres and from early 2017 you will be able to pay other people in gold straight from the new Karatpay App (Even without these features every other gold company fails to compare)

Karatbars Gold Prices

Like for like comparison

The only companies that come close sell their 1gram bars with hologram,certificate, serial number etc for  €74 / $83 / £64 per gram.  See Ebay today if you want to check this yourself.  http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xkinebar.TRS0&_nkw=kinebar&_sacat=0

Buy Cheap You Sell Cheap (If you can find a buyer) 

Many people will continue to buy cheap gold at low prices but the shock will come if they ever try to sell it again. I put a 1gram Karatbar on Ebay and sold it for €10 more than it cost me from Karatbars. Put a gram of 999.5 up for sale with no certificate, serial number, hologram and see how much it will sell for!

Why ?.. Because there is a demand for Karatbars from new customers and affiliates. People know when they buy a Karatbar they are buying a product they know id 100% genuine. They know what they will be able to do with it if they ever need to turn it back into cash in the future. They know it isn’t fake Tungsten metal covered with a 24kt coating.

There’s loads of fake gold out there! Even reputable dealers are being fooled.

People confuse the value of a gram of gold with the value of a Karatbar.  I often say to people…I don’t sell grams of gold… I sell Karatbars.

So what is the price today?

Below you can see a 1 gram and 5 gram Karatbar. The little dish contains a gram of gold I bought from The biggest UK online gold dealer.  Bullion by post. It actually came in that petri dish sellotaped to a piece of A4 paper!  (I know what i’d rather own!)

A 5 gram card with Karatbars today is €49.22 $54.87 or £42.21 per gram with a 3% discount code. (I have codes if you want one and they cost nothing)

That’s with free storage for as long as you like. Wait until you have 100 grams in storage and delivery is free. (Otherwise its €13.50 inside Europe and €18.50 outside Europe)

Should you decide to share Karatbars with some people you could potentially shave another 6% off that price too! I explain how to do this and everything above at www.thismightbeofinterest.com
That’s all for this week… I hope you have learned that not all gold is equal, not all gold is the same and why Karatbars is the Rolls Royce of the gold market.

If you want to get some you can login anytime at www.karatbars.com and purchase as much as you like whenever you like.

If you have any questions my contact details are below.



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