Karatbars Prices and Buy Back Review


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I have been with the company since 2013 and every day since I started i have been asked the same two questions…

Why is a gram of gold with Karatbars so much more expensive than the online price? And Why is the by back price so much less than the sale price?

The answer lies in the facct that 99% of the worlds population has never bought or owned pure gold. People don’t know the difference between one type of gold and another. They don’t understand that not all gold is the same.

Karatbars International do not sell grams of gold, they sell Karatbars.


Karatbars Prices and Buy Back Review

If you want to buy a gram of gold there are many different ways to buy. If you never want to see it and want to speculate on gold prices then you can use the stock market to buy paper gold.

Today a gram of paper gold costs €35 but then again its just a piece of paper.

If you want to buy real physical gold you can buy from a range of suppliers at different prices. Some have certificates and holograms and some don’t.

If you want a serial number, hologram, certificate etc you will pay more but obviously then the selling price will be higher.

Gold is the same and Karatbars only sell the highest grade available.

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