Karatbars Training, Support & Resources

I have been with Karatbars International for over three years and have created many resources to help my 9000+ customers and business partners. This newsletter is only one of them.

I knew in 2013 I was going to build a group of 10,000 plus so I started planning for it then. 

Creating educational and training resources for people does 95% of the work  and leaves me and you free to enjoy our lives.

My system teaches you how to become time rich as well as cash rich!  When customers and affiliate know where to find the answer they will always do that before contacting you.

I have 9000+ accounts to look after and I spend about one hour on the phone per day! My newsletter, blog and videos take about four hours per week.

Some people like getting my newsletters, some people never look at emails, some people prefer watching Youtube videos, some people just prefer to ring me when they want to know something.

It doesn’t matter what you or your customers/affiliates prefer I have all the bases covered. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Linkedin, Youtube, Newsletters, Blogger, Stumbleupon, Pintrest, Blog, Website are all done for you by me. I post to every one every week.


You don’t need to do anything other than promote your link and read or watch what I produce!

*Please, print off, subscribe or save the following resources and check them regularly so you don’t miss out. 
1. Replicated page www.thismightbeofinterest.com This page can be replicated for anyone in my team. I just need their username. This presentation can be used online or offline. This page is updated each month so you should always watch it every four weeks to keep up to date.
2. The Karatbars Website www.karatbars.com  Login at least once a week and check out the pricelist at the bottom of the dasboard.  Click HERE for today’s pdf. Also keep a a close eye on your team statistics for new customers and business partners you may not be aware of.
3. Youtube channel  www.bmcginty.com  If anyone asks me a question I make a video on it. If something is important i make a video on it. There are over 200 tutorials on my channel so make sure to subscribe. If I make a new video Youtube will email you and let you know.

I’ve even made a playlist for new affiliates and a playlist for gold buyers so no need to go searching through dozens of videos. Watch those two playlists and you will be an expert on gold and Karatbars.
4. Private Facebook Groupwww.facebook.com/groups/globalgoldbullion This is ONLY for my group and no one else can see the information in it. I update it daily with sales training and news. Dozens and dozens of people from other teams are trying to get in and can’t.  Make sure to add me as a friend first so I know who you are www.facebook.com/bmcg3 I don’t know everyone by name as I can only see your username in my back office.
5. Blog – I have been writing my blog since 2013 –  www.buygoldreview.com  This has had multiple roles. 1. Writing about Karatbars taught me about the business. 2. Blogs attract readers and my helpful approach brought me new customers and partners. 3. It provides answers for existing team members.
6. 30 Day Fast Start Training –  www.thismightbeofinterest.com/karatbarstraining (Affiliates resource) If you want to get off to a fast start you need to follow the 30 day plan laid out on that page. It is 100% guaranteed to work if you follow it exactly.
7. Customer Pagewww.savingingold.net  Customers just want to buy gold, they are not interested in all the affiliate information so I created savingingold.net. This quickly shows customers how to set up their gold savings account.
8. ME – brian@globalgoldbullion.com or phone/whatsapp/skype +447511650427 If you have never emailed me do it now! If you have never texted or called me put my number in your phone now.

Between the hours of 7.30am and 11pm GMT Seven days a week you will get an answer to ANY question or query within 15 minutes. 90% are answered within 5 minutes. Only texts /emails on Sunday as its my family day. (texts emails are fine)

How is that possible? 

Easy – A perfect storm of 1. My office is at home, 2. I am my wife’s full time carer, and 3. I have two children under 2 years old.  No nights out, few social activities as I need to be at home 24/7 pretty much. 

Should I ever leave I have my Samsung Note 4 which is checked every three minutes or so and I can do everything on it anyway. 

My personal circumstances mean that you and your organisation have possibly the best level of customer service in the direct selling industry!

Test it... Send an email or text now and say hello… Just see how long it takes to get a reply!

No one believes how good my support is until they try it.

I also have been in direct sales for over twenty years and I also know that when someone wants help they want it now.  They have 30 minutes for lunchbreak or one hour after the children go to bed and an answer tomorrow is not an option.

My organisation is approaching 10,000 in 100+ countries and that does not happen by accident. The good news for you is that you are in my group,

All the resources are provided, all the training is provided, the newsletters and support is all handled by me.

Literally ALL you need to do is ask people to watch the presentation and leave everything else to me…

There is no easier, more legitimate or stable ecommerce business.

It normally takes people about two years and five goes at other businesses before they realise this.. Which is fine… I was the same.

The great thing is that, while people are of trying the next big thing, Cionbase, onecoin, bitcoin, likesxl, futurenet, maps, lotterys, sports apps, nutrition,  trafficmoonsoon etc, etc, etc  they never lose their Karatbars account.

They will come back and i’ll be here to help them when they do. Don’t worry if someone registers as a Karatbars business partner and disappears for a while… Its not permanent.

That’s all for today… Don’t forget two Karatbars shares are still available with the Premium Packages – See www.thismightbeofinterest.com/premium  for details.

Have a great week.



Brian McGinty

Karatbars International – VIP Business Partner

Office: +4420 8123 7337

Mobile/Cell/Whatsapp – +447511650427