Karatbars China – Karatbars Chinese / Mandarin

As Karatbars International grows around the world China has been one of the markets that Harald Seiz has looked towards.

The people of Asia already know about the importance of gold and gold ownership so they already have an understanding of Karatbars as a product.

During 2016 Karatbars have been working towards opening the Chinese market and hope to be able to start selling by the end of 2016.
Customer and business partners can now pre register HERE but will not be able to upload KYC documents or make any purchases until China appears on the official list of open countries.

Karatbars China Presentation  – Karatbars Chinese / Mandarin Video

Please watch the Karatbars China video beloww and feel free to register using the link below.


Karatbars China – Karatbars Chinese / Mandarin Support

In the coming months and years I hope to be able to register many thousands of new customers and business partners across China and the greater region.

The benefit of being in my Global Gold Bullion group will be many for my Asian customers.

  • I have been with the company since 2013
  • I provide free support and help into 100+ countries to over 9000+ customers and business partners already.
  • I have been working in direct sales for over twenty years
  • I am in almost the same timezone as head office so can work on Asian customer queries while the office is open in Germany.

Karatbars China – Karatbars Chinese / Mandarin

Registration is free and without obligation HERE

If you have any questions about Karatbars In China or would like help building you Karatbars business in Asia please do get in touch.

Tel: +447511650427 

Emails brian@globalgoldbullion.com